Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Apollo had reached his 26th birthday, when a strange thing happened – he fell in love.

Frequently it was young girls who were bowled over by him, and apart from girls, older women, men and children, were all enraptured by him to such an extent that he found such acclaim wearying to say the least.  It was refreshing to meet someone who was not so influenced by his appearance.

He was a tall young man, suntanned by the sun to a deep golden brown.  His hair was in curls and his eyes were a beautiful brilliant blue, green.  Many people meeting him for the first time were left with the feeling he was beautiful beyond compare.

But apart from his looks he had great charm and charisma, coupled with a genuine interest and concern for those he met.

He was well known throughout Greece for his beauty and grace, and many were the artists and poets who had tried to capture his essence to ‘immortality’.

He did lots of running and would run along by the sea for hours on end – stopping once in a while at places far from people.  It was in these solitary runs and times of contemplation that he found greatest fulfilment.

He was very musical in that he could hum and sing many a popular tune without any effort.  His voice was so modulated and warm, that it seemed to mould itself in almost a caress, so that those he met were soothed as if on wings of light by the tone and quality of his voice, and went on their way lighter of heart and more joyful.


Apollo had lots of friends, both male and female, and he was especially good with animals.  Indeed, with horses he had a special bond, and when the opportunity presented itself, he would ride one or another of the beautiful white horses, and this he loved to do.


His education had been of the highest kind, and he was well versed in all types of communication – philosophy, and the religion of the day.

One day there was planned in his town, a celebration.  It was to be an evening of dancing and merriment, for one of the town’s most wealthy men had just got married, and so a great party was being held later in the day.

Apollo was well used to such occasions, some he enjoyed, others less so.

Putting on a bright green shirt, opened at the neck, with matching coloured trousers, he was soon ready, paying scant heed to his appearance.

He mused over the fact that he had as yet not felt the slightest desire or wish to marry, and could not see this changing in the near future.

When he got to the party, lots of people were already there and it seemed to be in full swing.

Laughing and talking to familiar faces he found his way to the bride and groom and gave them the customary greeting and best wishes.  After a while he moved on and took a little of the food and drink available.

Joining his closest friends, he went and sat down and much laughter was had by all.

Time passed, suddenly looking around the room, his eyes caught an unfamiliar face, a young girl, very slim and beautifully proportioned, with dark skin, and jet black eyes, dressed all in black – who was sitting with a much older white haired man, whom he took to be her father.  He had similar colouring, and there was a definite likeness.  Her hair was swept back and tied in a knot down her neck, and she had on some splendid jewels of different colours;  she looked wonderful he thought.

For the first time in ages, Apollo was fascinated, and gazed at her.  Sensing his attention, she turned her head, and meeting his gaze gave him a warm smile, and with that Apollo felt something flutter deep within him.

Their eyes only locked for a brief moment, before she then looked at her father, and began talking to him, gesticulating to something happening in the crowd.

25 April, 1989.


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Comment by Pat Grabham on September 30, 2012 at 11:26pm

Hi Julian,


Thank you for your comments.



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