In this fireside discourse* Almine describes how Adam and Eve were the first successful Anunnaki-Human hybrids. She clarifies that these were not the first humans, who happened to reside in the Inner Earth at that time. Nor were they the savage neanderthal-like beings that were the remnants of prior genetic experiments by those that came from Orion.

*Recorded at the Shamanic Bootcamp 2012

Continuing the Adam and Eve story, Almine discloses the identity of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden as a member of the original caretakers of humanity (who eventually corrupted into the so-called Secret Government). These Ashanta Serpents had determined that if the Anunnaki were going to create a new human offshoot, it had to be more than just a worker slave. In other words, this human race was to have intelligence, vision and longevity - qualities that the Anunnaki did not deem it worthy of.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on September 19, 2012 at 5:31pm

Hi Carmen,

Thank you for taking time to reply.  It is always interesting to read comments of someone such as yourself, who is aware of much.


The picture is very interesting.



Comment by Carmen Irarragorri-Wyland on September 19, 2012 at 3:52pm

Dear Pat, as you mentioned, there are so many interpretations of the same thing.

I just posted this one as one more of them, but I, who has been a student of all religions, phylosophies, Hermetics, and Kaballah,can tell you that the Real World has neither beginning nor ending, therefore all theories of Creation are nothing more than that, theories...

We are Multidimensional beings, not limited to the Time-space continuum, or fourth dimension, to which the majority are still limited to, but we are now going beyond that type of consciousness, many of us have already gone beyond, and therefore are aware that in the ever present Now, such things as beginnings and endings do not exist...everything that ever was or ever shall be already is, no time limitation, and as for the levitation, which I also do in the dream state, there is no need for that one, either, since motion is another one of those constructs...

Kabbalists  claim that Adam Kadmon was the ideation of what man should be, and nowhere is it ever present in this so limited dimension, and that the Garden of Eden which they call the "World to Come" and the Christians have translated as Heaven, exists on a higher dimension, and the fall of Adam and Eve was a fall in consciousness, and a limitation to only being able to see the projections of their minds and emotions in the reality that now we perceive as a 3D world, which is nothing but a projection, a Holographic projection of our inner selves...and a refel=ction that has been called the World of Action (cause and effect).

Here is a painting that suppsedly depicts Hermes Trismegistus, and some of his students... another act of creative imagination....

Having also studied Hermetic, I am familiar with the teaching of Hermes Trimegistus, also known as King Thot, and the Egypptian beliefs that came from Atalntis, and the planet Sirius, and all of that, but they are all only explanations for the inquiring mind, that has not the capacity to understand the real World such as it is...

Comment by Pat Grabham on September 16, 2012 at 5:11am

Hi Carmen,

It is always interesting to read or listen to different beliefs and view points.


However my understanding is that the first twin souls born outside of the Trinity of the Godhead, ie God the Father-Mother-Son, was Adam El Daoud/Daouda.  El Daoud, (or Ptah as he is also known) is the Father King of the Dhuman Adamic Race, and from them, descended all the spiritual beings, known as the Ray Children, who lived on the Heights in the Tableland, a place different to the earth plane, and far above it, which was glorious beyond compare. They lived within the Radiance of the Creator. There was no primitive man/woman in the Ray Childrens' existence.


El Daoud/Daouda, and the Ray Children were able to levitate to other planets which existed as they did, although the Ray Children were the children of the very Breath of God.


Earth came into existence at a much later time, and El Daoud/Daouda and volunteers from the Ray Children, came to earth, and those who incarnated on the earth plane, were thenceforth known as the Dhuman Adamic Race, as they journeyed into the denser vibrations of the earth plane to help in its evolvement.


At the dawn of time, spiritual beings were able to levitate and transport themselves as and where was required, to other planets in the universe, but when darkness set in, then a ring pass me not was created, or as you would say an etheric blanket came into being, so as the other planets in the universe would not be contaminated by the darkness of the earth plane (which was shut off from the other planets in the universe). 


That is why today, it is people who are spiritual who are able to attune themselves to other planets apart from earth, for earth has always been the planet of suffering and is much denser and darker than any of the other planets where life is lived.


El Daoud/Daouda, were later known as Adam and Eve, and were at a much later date, the parents of Jesus of Nazareth.


(The Book of El Daoud;  The Book of Truth and the Teachings of Osiris, by H C Randall-Stevens (El-Eros), and The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rolfe, all state this).


The picture is of a statue in The Book of Truth and the Teachings of Osiris, H C Randall-Stevens, and the statue goes back to Atlantis and is titled Ptah, known as El Daoud The Beloved, of Atlantis, The Father King of the Dhuman Adamic Race.





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