The way forward is in mutual cooperation and support in scientific projects. Don’t wear yourselves out with unimportant things in life; life is beautiful and opens new doors, behind... which you want to be only when you have accepted yourselves, and accepted life as a challenge to be better than ever. Life isn’t an end in itself, but has a higher purpose and higher goals. Goals of becoming one with one’s own self and the whole of God’s creation.
God is the infinite energy of the universe flowing into every one of you when you put yourselves first and accept all the rules of God’s living. God offers what you cannot imagine even in your wildest dreams, as He is one of the whole creation with you when you trust Him and surrender to Him in His face of self-awareness. God provides you with His support when everyone leaves you, gives you help when you are out of your depth in the current situation, and opens up new insights into yourselves and about the universe when you become one with Him and the whole of creation.
God loves you, so love Him back, and surrender to Him in the face of holy sacraments which offer you support and strength when you need it most. We aren’t alone on this planet, there are billions of us helping you find the connection with your own self, your core, and opening up a new insight into yourselves and the infinity of the universe. The infinity of the universe isn’t just my feelings about it, but is the reality of merging with oneself in the occurrence of infinite love and self-recognition through all celestial universal phenomena. When you look in the mirror, all you see is a shell, you core is hidden under the surface and it gives you nobility and strength. The strength to overcome all challenges on your path into yourselves and the infinity of the universe, as the universe offers you support and a place under the sun, because the inside of your core unites you with the whole of the entire universe and gives you the strength and courage to be the core of your own self.

Don’t look only at the frame of your strong foundations which help you survive all the difficult tests of ordinary days, but find strength in cooperation with spiritual beings who stand by your side each and every moment of your self-evolution and self-recognition. Self-recognition is a path inwards, into your inner depths, and provides you with the connection on the astral, mental and causal levels with everyone you share your path with, and gives you the courage to be one and be your core. You leave your core after death, because the soul is the eternity of the universe in the creation of yourselves in an infinite way of connection with the inner energy of the universe. The inner energy of the universe intertwines the entire solar system, and provides infinite possibilities for self-recognition and survival on this planet in co-existence with other living beings, and gives you infinite connection.

Impatience isn’t good, because it connects you with false ideals of being famous at all costs. Wait for the right moment of your education. Surrender to the moment, find your path in cooperation, and inner strength of the entire universe shall infuse you on the new path of self-knowledge and healing of old wounds of non-acceptance of self and alienating from your own self and all social norms. Social norms direct you inwards, onto the path of courage and the inner core in cooperation with your loved ones and those who are successful on the path of self-acceptance and acceptance of nuclear physics as something completely new, as a new approach to yourselves and your inner core.

The inner core of each individual is the soul concentrated on multiple levels of cooperation with all near and distant, physical as well as spiritual levels. All souls are interconnected in God’s core, and accept themselves in a perfectly easy way; through inner emotions and feelings of inner strength and work on self. Souls cooperate on all levels and in all plans of self-acceptance and evolution of humankind on all levels of social development as well as the scientific approach to oneself and inner revelation of all universal truths.

The universe gives you space to be one with yourselves and God’s energy in every individual, which is the core of God’s existence, providing shelter for everyone who wants to be loved in their heart. The heart opens up countless opportunities for you to be loved and open to new insights, because the heart is the base of your courage and self-recognition of yourselves as God’s beings and part of the universe, hidden in each individual as a test of inner strength and relationship to yourselves as the essence of life itself. Courage isn’t self-evident until you accept it within your core as inner strength and the basis of your activity.

The functioning of the entire universal system are inner records within each individual, humans as well as souls, energies, Gods and all beings God has gathered around Him in the whole image and transformation of Himself into God’s core of self-recognition and inner peace. When all parts merge together into the inner whole of connectedness of the entire universe, God offers you self-transformation in a perfectly acceptable way, through relationships and your relationship to yourselves as the basis and essence of life itself, because the whole turns into parts and parts become whole when we are conscious of ourselves and our inner strength.
Inner strength and courage, love and respect are the cornerstones of your evolution when you are able to change and accept yourselves as God’s beings, and God offers you His shelter in the core of His perfection and self-unification. God gives you everything you desire in your heart when you welcome Him into yourselves and into your core, and act from within yourselves and God’s will, and when life presents your
support for self-recognition and inner strength.

Your brother Albert Einstein, to be continued soon…


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