God Said . . .

"Behold, you who are the Sons and Daughters of GOD, having received BEING of US, you will also receive Birth again from Him-Her who are the Beloved Son and the Beloved Daughter of GOD.  Follow MY Beloved Son whithersoever he goes, for he bears MY NAME.  He will be your Leader and your FATHER-KING, and you will be his Offspring just as you are OURS . . . you who are Princes of GOD; MY ISRAEL.

"Do not fear to walk in His footsteps at all, even if He leads you by ways you do not know of; Do what he says to you; for this is OUR BELOVED SON; hear Him and obey His voice, for that which He will say to you, lo, I Myself  have put the words in His mouth through the voice of Her who is the Woman-half of Him.  Behold, She will speak to Him words spoken by ME; for SHE and HE are ONE; and He will make MY commands known to you whom I have given to be His Sons and Daughters, just as you are to US, your DIVINE PARENTS.

"To each of you MY Ray-Children I will speak at times with the direct voice also, even when you have gone into a far Country; and GOD your MOTHER will also do this to each and all of you who are OUR CHOSEN PEOPLE . . . who are THE ISRAEL OF GOD.

"BUT, MY WORD OF COMMAND I give to you through Him alone who is MY BELOVED SON; for He is MY VOICE to you, just as His Eternal TWIN is MY VOICE to Him.  Hear and obey that which HE declares to you with authority, for HIS words are MY WORDS to you; and lo, I, even I, am with you always, even to the very end of the lowest of the Regions of Matter; for I am GOD, and MY MIND stretches forth throughout all Space." 

                                           THE "MOST HIGH" GOD THE FATHER

Excerpts from

"Creation Tree of Life & Origin of Evil" by Adam El Daoud the Father KING

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Comment by Mhamed Bushnaq on October 30, 2012 at 9:47am

thank you so much for this message

Love light and the bless of Yamtron


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 28, 2012 at 6:28am

Hi Christoffer

Your pics are lovely.  It is such a joy to know more of our heritage, and you knowing where you come from as well as the Saphire Ray and the special connection to Archangel Michael is lovely.  As someone who is passionate about my Ray of Origin, the Aquamarine Ray, I always love seeing blue colours, as the many beautiful pictures on your page have.


That pic of the 8.8 portal is very interesting!


Us on the Blue Rays are not deprived with this colour with regard to all the spiritual pictures around, as blue and amethyst are the most popular colours for the spiritual artists - have you noticed.  There is very little of green with a little more yellow drawn, but blue and amethyst are the most prolific.



PS I know you spell Archangel Michael a little different.

Comment by Pat Grabham on October 28, 2012 at 5:45am

Hi Christoffer,

If you remember, why I sent you extracts from The Book of El Daoud was your belief also, that you had descended to earth from another planet. and in The Book of El Daoud, it does confirm there were other spheres in existence when we, the Ray Children were also there, and also of course, that travel to these was possible by levitation.


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 28, 2012 at 5:38am

Hi Christoffer,

Having lost the first writing I wrote to you from The Book of El Daoud, I made sure I did it on Word the second time.  I have a copy saved.... I will forward it to you to your e-mail address I have.  It is not the same having to read it in five separate sections!


Yes, Amazon do a modern version of The Book of El Daoud... and you can browse inside at some of the pages.  The fact Amazon have this version, means there are still others of the same love and affinity.


Will send off to you in five minutes.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 28, 2012 at 5:26am

Hi Christoffer

That is good!  If you remember my long reply to you about the 7 October which had to be sent in five sections as it was rather long, were extracts from The Book of El Daoud!




Comment by Pat Grabham on October 27, 2012 at 9:58pm

Hi Adam

These words are very familiar to me and are beautiful.



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