A Rare Event in 26,000 years when our Planet Earth will be passing the photon belt....with this Solar Eclipse....On 20th may.2012.......

A Message from SanandasEagles......


We Will Be Blessed by an Amazing Event!!!

This Sunday, May 20, at 4:24 PM, PDT, there will be a Solar Eclipse that
happens only once every 25,920 years!!! It will last just over two hours.
On the West Coast of the United States it will be from 4:24-6:42 PM, PDT and
will be at its peak at 4:47 PM, PDT.

Your location will determine how much of the eclipse you will see. The full
eclipse will be visible from parts of China, on across much of the Pacific,
to the West Cost of the United States and across the Southwest United
States. Then the sun will set and the eclipse will no longer be visible.

Even if you can't see the eclipse, the wonderful energy will still reach you
wherever you may live!

If you want to see the eclipse, do not look directly at the sun during the
eclipse without proper protection. Sunglasses are not enough! The intense
light can still quickly and permanently damage your vision. Only use
special solar glass filters or solar glasses designed for solar viewing or
welders glass.

There is an easy and safe way to watch the sun as it moves through the
eclipse. You can simply stand under a tree and look at the pattern of the
shadow of leaves on the ground as the light filters through them. Their
shadow will be the shape of the eclipse of the sun. Or you can spread your
fingers apart and lay them on top of each other in a waffle pattern. The
light that goes through your fingers onto the ground will also be the shape
of the eclipse and will change as the eclipse progresses.

This Solar Eclipse is created by an alignment of our Earth, Moon and our
Sun. However, the amazing energy of this very rare event is created by the
simultaneous alignment of our Earth, Moon and Sun with the Central Sun of
our Milky Way Galaxy located in the Pleiades. This Central Sun is named

This is the alignment that only happens every 25,920 years!!!

For the Earth to move into this alignment with our galactic Central Sun, we
must pass into a powerful Photon Belt. Our planet moves through this photon
belt only once in our 26,000 year orbit around the Central Sun of our
galaxy. The photons have a very powerful affect on our consciousness and all
life on Earth and in our solar system! They are essential to our life,
health and functioning! The huge influx of photons create and end of one
age and the shift into the next.

We are shifting now into The Golden Age!!!

Photons are very high frequencies of light, which also have the capacity to
change to matter and then back to Light again! Our bodies absorb the
photons from our Sun when they touch our skin. Einstein discovered the
speed of the vibration of the photon as it moves around the nucleus of a
cell reduces the effects of gravity.

Photon speed is what produces levitation in very Light filled Beings!!

Our solar system is moving into this photon belt right now! The photons are
filling our Earth, our bodies and our consciousness. This huge influx of
light is affecting our body, our mind and our emotions. We are absorbing
more and more Light which is increasing our vibration and changing our
perspective about all of life! We are all in the process of

The old ways are leaving, our body is being cleansed, our sleep patterns are
shifting, our old emotional "baggage" is being cleared out, our mind is
unable to function in its old ways, outdated beliefs and habits becomes
glaringly obvious, our relationships are changing and our life is moving
into the chaos of change and on into transformation.

Perhaps you have been experiencing some of these things!

With so much change going on inside of us right now, this is the perfect
time to draw in and focus the full amplification offered by the photon
energy. We can use this energy to create a more graceful and comfortable
passage through the changes and into Awakening!

To refocus this energy and assist our Being during this challenging time,
The Marriage of The Pineal and Pituitary is being offered this Thursday
night! This Initiation will assist during this accelerated time of rapid
growth and change.

The Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary blends the energy the Heavens which
enter our Pineal Gland with the energies of the Pituitary governing our
human functioning. When they are joined in this Sacred Union, we can
progress more quickly and smoothly through the chaos process of change and
transformation and into our full Divinity.

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Comment by Maria de Lurdes Barbosa da Rocha on May 20, 2012 at 3:50pm

Thank you for the good news


Comment by AbeautifullifeforeverybodyonEart on May 20, 2012 at 12:56pm

Thank you for posting this. It is a beautiful energy coming to our planet now! Namaste

Comment by Melodie Munro on May 20, 2012 at 10:52am

Did you see it Sohini? We were in the wrong place to view it. I have seen eclipse before and they are just so magical. I would have loved to have experienced this one as well. Thank you for this great post and pics. Love and Blessings. Melodie

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