A Message From Ashtar On road....14th August 2012....

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, August 14, 2012

"Well, they don't call me 'Twinkle Paws' for nothing.* It is I, Sekhmet. Alrighty! Everybody can laugh. It's OK. Now, let's get into my portion of this program, which as you have heard is about creation, envisioning, and carrying on into even higher levels of Dimensionality, which we are calling post-Ascension. Ashtar has shared with you a lot of the things that will be changing. What's it really going to be like, you know, once you leave 3D behind? Well, here we go - you've got choices. You can do Fourth Dimension high vibe, you can do steps to 5D, and you can go higher. There are portals available even, but we don't recommend them. We suggest that you aim for 5D, or for 4D.

"Planet Earth is going to have a Renaissance. Everything's going to be healthy. You've heard of the Garden of Eden, the whole of Planet Earth is going to be a Garden of Eden! Nobody's going to have to live in concrete condos anymore. Everybody can spread out and have Crystalline Homes if you wish. You know I kind of like that. You know, on my ship I've got the Crystal Room - I like it!

"You'll have the ability to create whatever it is that you want to create. There will be technology yes, but it's clean. Energy is clean, and oh, absolutely free. It's in harmony with Mother Gaia, and her various elements, and with Sol, your Sun -coming from the Great Central Sun yes, but you have your own Sun in your Solar System. Now there might be some surprises there, too!

"What we're trying to tell you is that there will be no unfriendly atmospheres anywhere, unless you want to create being on the top of a mountain in a blizzard, or some such thing as that. Your bodies will be changed, and you can then create them in any image you wish, and guess what? For those of you who like to change your clothes a lot, you can change your body, your Light Body, but you will still have a recognizable body.

"So, one day you might want to be quite short in stature, and the next day you might want to be quite tall, or somewhere in between. It matters not. You will have the ability to do those kinds of things. But you're not as we see you, Beloved Ones, you're already so evolved, it does not seem as though you will be spending your no-time moments in this kind of activity, but rather you will be in celebration, reunion, Homecoming celebration!!!

"The wisdoms that are locked inside of so many of your DNA parts, not all of them, but a lot of them still - and it's all going to be there. For those of you who like to know history/herstory, it's all there. For those of you who like to see what's coming in the future, that's there too, because there isn't any time, and you'll be as we are - you can see all of the timelines! How about that?

"Ashtar said this, but I'm saying it too. There will be no money. You will simply create whatever you want. You won't need food, but you can have food if you wish. You know I used to lve to lean over The Voice's shoulder, and watch her eat meatballs, but she can't eat then anymore. But that's OK, because I can have meatballs if I want to. Do you see how that works? You will have no limitations.

"You will simply have the simplest of rules that have been given by the great Masters - loving rules! You know, the Golden Rule first. Communities world-wide will understand what Communion is all about. Everyone will understand the Sacred Divinity of all Life, and the beauty of it all will shine so bright! Joy will fill your being, and you will share Joy with everyone else, and they will all share it with you!!! Now that's a rather general description. It's a feel-good description, yes?

"So now we're going to enter into our Exercise, and we invite each and every one of you, with this description in mind, to put yourselves into this post-Ascension Planet Earth, or elsewhere if you choose, and don't forget if you want a ship, you've got it. Rapid transportation - they haven't seen anything yet! So we're going to join together now in co-creating the visions, and we invite you to share your visions during this Exercise, by simply beaming them. Yessss!

"Alrighty everybody, let's get in our circle. Now what we need to do here to really get our connections going, is to hold each others' hands. And once again I offer you my paws, because I can multi-locate my paws. There's one for each of you, and then there's a human paw, what you call a human hand, for your other hand!

"So everybody breathe. Breathe high, you know, breathe it in all the way down. Exhale, and let your energy literally lift you up, and up, not away, but up, and up, because we're doing this together. Alrighty! We've bypassed the astral, and we're moving up higher. Now every one of you can see my ship. I usually park it in 5D, or high 4D, cause it's pretty big!

"I have what you call a mother ship and what that means is that I can expand, in order to hold more beings, and my ship can get smaller when there are not so many beings on board. So, now if everybody would just, while you're holding hands and paws, everybody look up, and see my ship gleaming. Some of you might be hearing some music, or smelling something fragrant, because if that's what you especially enjoy, we, that is my crew and I, are extending that as a way of welcoming you!

"So come on up higher, higher. You travel with ease and grace through the atmosphere. You don't need space suits, or helmets, or anything. Just bring yourself as you are. Now you may notice that you feel a bit lighter, and that's a good thing, because your Light's shining brighter.

"Alrighty! Come on up. Now, as you see the bottom of the ship, it will open up. It's like a circular kind of a door, so that we can all come on up together in our circle. You can go as wide as the number of us in our circle. Now we're going to come up through the opening, and we're going to hover above the landing deck, while the door closes. And while we're hovering, just listen for the music, or smell the flowers, or enjoy all of the Crystals!

"Some of you may be hearing the voices of the Ancient Ones from Planet Earth, maybe even from other places. It's all 'Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! We've been so excited about your coming, and now we're here together. So now we gently just drop down a wee bit so that our feet are on the landing deck.

"Now the next thing to do is to head off to the elevator. Notice the doors are open, and this too is a Crystal Elevator, and oh it is big! We may bring our circle into more of a couple of lines together, two lines, and we still hold hands and paws, and we come into the elevator through the doors, and then we spread back into our circle again. Isn't this delightful!!!

"Here we are all together, Family in Communion status, coming together, connected, not just not just hands and paws, but Hearts and Minds! Now as we get into the elevator, notice that you can look down and see Planet Earth. And there's your grounding cord, each and every one of you. You're still grounded to Planet Earth, and that's a good thing! You know you're going to get back without getting 'lost in space'!

"Now everybody face the front. You can kind of twist around to see the doors open, and we may come together a little bit more in our circle. Bring it in a bit, more like two lines connected, as we walk out through the elevator doors, and into the room. And our circle expands, and the room expands.

"Now if you will, you can open your mind's eye, or you can open your eyes for just a moment, because we want you to see who's here to greet you, already in the circle, and they are inside of our circle, and they are every one of your Beloved Guides, your Angels, all who have accompanied you, or come ahead of you just slightly - remember, there's no time here, and here they are!

"How beautiful are the Lights that they shine, how loving are their greetings to you!!! Allow them to hug you, Beloved Ones. And even as you do so, feel upon your shoulders the touch of all of the Ascended Masters and Angels here with us now.

"Here's Ashtar, here is Sananda, here are the Arcturians, and Kuan Yin, St. Germaine, Buddha, Archangel Michael -they're all here because you're here. And, we are all One as we connect even more. So now, as you are feeling the closeness, the Love Light streaming into you, even as you beam it outward into this entire group, it is for you to see, in your wisdom eye, yourself as an Ascended Master in High Dimensional surroundings. Perhaps you are by, or under, a beautiful pristine waterfall that flows into a lake, or a river. Perhaps you are by one of the oceans, or in a garden that is so beautiful that you are seeing things, colors, and all manner of beautiful plants growing!

"And the very trees welcome you, and invite you to sit in their cool shade, and hear the stories they have to tell, and hear their ancient wisdom of connection with you, one Heart together. And perhaps you are in a place where the Unicorns gather, and the young ones romp and play in the meadow, as their mothers and their fathers stand with you in such Love!

"Perhaps you are with Family. You are Family standing in a circle just like ours, communing together in loving Oneness! Perhaps you are attending a concert or some other event, where there is so much Love, and so much Joy, that it permeates the entire group, and everybody lifts up even higher! Perhaps you are teaching, perhaps you are in a class as a student learning from the High Dimensional perspective, perhaps you are researching the akashic records to learn Truth. All of this and more is yours, Beloveds!!!

"Envision where you live - perhaps a sparkling white dwelling for you, perhaps one of many colors, all crystalline. Perhaps one that will expand or contract, depending upon how many people are there. Perhaps you have a grand crystalline bowl full of fruits you've never seen before, and anyone who wants to taste one may do so, and anyone who just simply wants to soak in the energy of these wondrous creations can do it that way. And the waters so pure, and all of the dwellers, below, on, and yes, from above Planet Earth are together, talking story, sharing, and most of all, loving each other!!! However you have created this vision for yourselves as individuals, Beloved Ones, know now that it is to send it forth to the very center of our circle.

"And notice if you will, that there is now an altar there, so send your vision and it's High Dimensional energy to this altar, and see how it glows, how it beams! Feel the Love of it, as all now, all the visions are together, One Great Vision, one great memory revived, one great future in the now!!! And let us consecrate this Vision now, and bless it, each from our own beautiful Hearts, and with all of our combined Love Lights streaming forth to empower this Vision even more, and more, and more. And as we do so, notice that it comes back to us in beautiful, beautiful Lights, in beautiful waves of circles, and spirals, because now the Vision of All As One comes into our Hearts, Beloved Ones. Let the Joy of it fill you, let the Love permeate every part of your being!!!

"And as we continue to bless our Vision, notice that it lifts up, and off of the altar, and see it go right down through the floor of the Crystal room. The Crystals of the floor themselves assist in sending it forth, and we assist with our loving blessings. And see how it moves toward Planet Earth. Watch it now! Everyone look through the clear floor of the Crystal Room. And watch it, as it approaches Planet Earth, it literally spreads out! It multiplies itself exponentially. It gets even brighter, and brighter, and brighter, because we are blessing it still, and sending it to bless all of Planet Earth, below, on, and above, and its atmosphere!!!

"And see it spread now over all of the Planet. Beautiful, beautiful, colors of this Vision, which is the combined creation of every one of us here present, and of all of those who come still in Earth time to join with us. It's all One in the moment, and the moment is Now! And as it spreads over Planet Earth, look closely. See how the plants lift up their faces, and indeed seem to be smiling. See how the animals stop, and as this beautiful Light comes to them, and envelopes them in its loving warmth, hear their thanks, their Joy! Let the trees begin a slight rustling, to acknowledge the Joy they are feeling, and now they have even more to tell, even more wisdom!

"Feel the Joy and the energies of the Crystals as they pick up the energies of this beautiful Vision, and let them relay it into inner Earth, and back out again into the atmosphere of Earth, and beyond, and out through the entire Universe! And meanwhile, Beloved Ones, feel the hearts of the humans lift up in Joy, for they are getting Truth, and they are getting assurance of the Beauty, and the Joy, of their own Ascensions!!! Yes, this is a wake-up call to those who are ready, and so it addresses everyone! And you, Beloved Ones, have created the perfect Vision for each and every being, no matter what Kingdom they belong to on Planet Earth. Now hear and feel the thanks, and see how Planet Earth glows even more in the Love Light of what we have created here!!!

"In our Communion there's one great Vision now! It is known to many more, and it will remain for even more to access, as they open to their own Divinities, unto their own Paths Home! Ascension is real, and the Visions we have created are shining Truth. And the greatest of these, Beloved Ones, is Love. Now you may remain in the Crystal Room for as long as you wish, and remember you have your way home, your cord which will take you back to Planet Earth. We thank you for being with us, and for creating this most powerful Crystal Exercise yet. And, so to thank you we invite you to accept our Blessings.* And so it is! Namaste!

* Sekhmet was 'dancing' to Let Us Remember to Dance before she began speaking. The Blessing was played after she finished speaking. Both songs were composed and sung by Lei'ohu Ryder, www.leiohuryder.com .

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, 8-14-12. www.Ashtarontheroad.com © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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