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Calling Reiki Masters that are Members of the City of Shamballa,

I would like to create a Group Healing video that heals the viewer or listener of the YouTube video. 

This is my first time attempting this. This is a Group Collaboration video.

Various Reiki Masters using various healing modalities healing the same viewer or listener of the video simultaneously. 

How this works- Reiki Masters from the City of Shamballa can sign up until October 26.

Each Reiki Master prepares a 10-15 minute distant healing session using the shared intent below. Each Reiki Master can use your choice of Reiki healing modalities. 

Since we all share the same intent, the viewer of listener of the video that is named below will receive healing from multiple Reiki Masters at the same time. 


Shared Intent:

It is my intention that each recipient of this healing session is perfectly and wonderfully healed for their highest and greatest good in alignment with each recipient's free will.

I intend that the viewer or listener of the Reiki Healing | City of Shamballa Group Healing video perfectly and wonderfully receives the Reiki Healing | City of Shamballa Group Healing session when the viewer or listener of the Reiki Healing | City of Shamballa Group Healing video views or listens to the video.

I intend that each time the healing session is received, that the healing session builds upon the previous healing session received, perfectly boosting and strengthening the previous healing session and healing each recipient perfectly for each recipient's highest and greatest good.


You can sign up below by commenting below with your interest until October 26. 

Please comment again once you have prepared the healing session with the shared intent above. Please prepare your distant healing session using the shared intent above by October 26. 

On October 27, I will create a YouTube video called Reiki Healing | City of Shamballa Group Healing on my YouTube channel OnenessandLove.

Once it is created, I will share the video here in the videos so you all can see.

End Result: Whoever watches or listens to the video will be healed by multiple Reiki Masters simultaneously using multiple Reiki modalities for their highest and greatest good. 

Please comment below if you are interested to sign up. Please also comment once your healing session has been prepared (by October 26) so your session can be included in the video. I will add your name to the YouTube description as one of the contributing healers. If you have a website or youtube channel I can add your link next to your name too. Just let me know in your comments below. 

I'm excited to bring the Group Healing capabilities of Shamballa to Earth through this group collaboration. 

God bless you my brothers and sisters. 


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  • Hello Chris.

    I have added some healing, and rejuvenation energy into the video in line with our shared intention. Apologies that I was not on linear time.

    Best regards,

    John B. from New Hampshire, USA

    • Thank you John! Adding your information to the contributing healers now.

  • I am grateful to all the masters of light who participated in this spiritual movement. God's light and blessings be upon you

    • Brother, I am eternally grateful for you as well. Divine Blessings to you always. 

  • Hello Chiris, I would like to take part in this. I have prepared the  healing intent ball .

    my name is Tirshna Ninan my contact is and i am in Delta, BC, Canada

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    • Thank you Trishna. I am adding you to the contributing healers now. 

  • The Group Healing video has been created. Thank you everyone for all of your support! Grateful for you! Please let me know if anything in your information on the video description needs to be updated. Blessings. 

    • Hello, dear master Chris. How beautiful and strong. Thank you for this beautiful spiritual energy. I hope that one day the whole world will be filled with light vibration.namaste

    • Brother, Thank you. Wishing you days filled with love, light and joy always. 

    • namaste

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