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A group about the sacred order of Melchizedek.

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  • Dear Friends,
    Today I am feeling so Good that I have return Home after a long Time !
    Sending All here Lots of Love , Light and Blessings,
  • Thank you for allowing me to join you

  • Let be known Kala Dharma is holding free Membership for the high cansel of Urantia

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  • "Melchizedek, I ask you to come now and , by the Divine Grace you have, I'm asking you to bring the Golden Gate and  to anchor in and around our entire energy matrix.Melchizedek, open the Gate and introduce me to the Golden Room, now, according to my ultimate good; please, heal and clean my bodies and fields from everything that differs from my highest good.Thank you!"


  • Thank you for the Group and for letting me be a member.

    With peace and goodwill to all,


  • Thank you for accepting me in this group. I am honored .

  •  Someone know who is Lady Sachita? How she work? What power or ray she have or use?

  •  I  am honored and I thank you because you've allowed me to become a member of this group which radiates high energy so sacred of Melchizedek.

  • I have searched information for a long time on Melchisedek, I am happy to be across exchanges there.

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A Grid of Light and Protection with the Violet Flame and the Legions of Michael as well as the Legions of the Melchizedek Lords of Light

My dearly beloveds, I am St. Germain, I offer you a Grid of Light and Protection with the Violet Flame and the Legions of Michael as well as the Legions of the Melchizedek Lords of Light. The Violet Flame is the Masculine Aspect of the 7th Ray. The Masculine Aspect has important qualities. The energy of Violet Flame transmutes negativity but also protects you. It protects you in that it has the ability to make you invisible to lower vibrational forces and out of harm’s reach from people with…

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Lord Melchizedek

Melchizedek is High Priest of the cosmic Order of Melchizedek, which includes all who serve from divine guidance. Though he has lived on earth, he was not born and did not die. Melchizedek gifts mankind with freedom, forgiveness, creativity, the science of alchemy and transmutation, and sacred ritual. Here he tends the Holy Grail and its Flame of Life. Many Ascended Masters belong to both the 'White Brotherhood' and the 'Order of Melchizedek'. Many of the 'Order of Melchizedek' are currently in…

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Dear, Aspirants of Truth , by reading what follows, you will receive full attunement and activation to the Melchizedek Synthesis Ray and the related activations.The Melchizedek Synthesis Ray is a fourfold cosmic ray. This energy stream is called the ray of creation and and impetus to spiritual freedom. It is directly overlit by Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah.In the attunement / initiation you receive the Ray of Being and Becoming, which holds your original…

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Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek

This is a guided meditation which will project the consciousness of a group to the Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek in a group merkabah for the purposes of taking what is known as the "6th Initiation"according to Theosophists like Bailey et al. This is usually the first one students will recall. It is meant to be taken as a group.Authored by the deceased Dr. Joshua David Stone,this method is favoured for beginners as it brings in the loving help and protection of many angels and spirit teachers .…

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