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November 8

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Thank you all :-) I AM that I AM. If a category is needed to describe me than i think the word mage describes me good. I often working in behalf of Archangel Michael and the cosmic hierarchy.

What brought you here?

I´ve found an attunement in Full Spectrum Healing on you tube where this place is mentioned.

What can you contribute?

I can contribute many of attunements. I co-created some attunments and courses and as soon as the manuals of this courses are translated to English i will share them with you.


Well not meet them in 3D but learned alot from them: Mariah Windsong Couture, Ole Gabrielsen, Djwhal Kuhl, St. Germain, Dr. Stone, Nikola Tesla and many others. I spend also some 'time' in experiencing the perspective of Archangels and other Lightbeings, and thank them all! Then there are the many people i met and learned from. I thank them, too.


Attune to Divinity, Akasha Chronics :-) ....


To bring peace, love, joy and harmony to the entire earth. To reminde humankind on there divinity. To awaken the divinity within in as many as possible and anchor it, so ascension of earth can be smooth.

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  • Happy Birthday Bernd! Thank you for all that you are and your contributions here! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light
  • God bless you. I bow to the Divine in you.
  • أحب صورك ويسعدني أن أتواصل مع العديد من الأشخاص المتشابهين في التفكير في مدينة شامبالا
  • Thank you for the friend request :D 

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  • I love your pictures and am glad to have gotten in touch with so many like-minded people in the City of Shamballa. Glad we're friends.
  • Lieber Bernd,

    vielen Dank für Deine Anfrage. ich sehe Dich und antworte gerne.

    Ich erlaube mir, dies in Deutsch zu schreiben, weil die Erde diese Sprache wählte, als ich sie befragte, ob ich mich mit Dir verbinden solle.( Nicht weil ich elitär bin, habe ich dies überprüft, sondern weil ich sehr zuückhaltend sein musste in den letzten Jahren). Sie sagte: Drei Kornkammern muss er füllen. Möge Dir diese Auskunft dienlich sein. In Freude, Heike       

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  • Thank you Bernd :)

  • Very nice
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