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  • Dear Brother Chris,

    I will say each soul can teach us one or the other thing !

    We can learn from any one !!

    Earth is a very Great University...


  • Our purpose is Love in alignment with free will. Free will is a choice, an expression of Divine that is all. Don't try to apply logic to free will because there is no logic, only choice and expression, it only is. Love your brother and sister as yourself within their free will. Give and receive love with a happy heart. It may help you to convince your mind to look at other people only as Spirit, your Spirit in communication with another Spirit. Also connect your heart with their heart. When you are connected with Spirit and heart, there is no room for judgment, fear, or worry. There is no room for negative only positive. Look for the good in everything and you will find peace. The Law of One channelings say that Greater than 50% Service to Others is needed to free yourself from the karmic incarnation cycle. Keep your heart open to all beings and that is the fast track to the Divine. Treat life on Earth as a school, all experiences are opportunities to Love within free will, nothing else. Stay in the moment with mindfulness and just be. The Creator has decreed that all will return so make choices for Love and you will speed up the process back to the Creator, to graduate the Earth school. Our purpose is to do Divine Will which is Love in alignment with respect of free will. Everything in experience just is, so go with the flow and you will find peace and love for yourself which you will receive rewards of ascension through initiations which are blessings of Spirit that the Divine provides you, to encourage you to keep being Divine sparks and Love all beings. 

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