Hello beloved brothers and sisters,

today I want to add that it exist an ashram and an ascension seat for every Archangel. They are a little ;-) diffrent to the seats of ascendet masters. If you want to visit one just say or think: I ask to be taken to the ashram of (Name of Archangel) and be their on the ascension seat for (lenght of earth time).

Or Say or think: I now go to the ashram of (Name of Archangel) and be their on the ascension seat for (lenght of earth time).

I only tried until now the ascension seats of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Jophiel but received the message that every Archangel have an ascension seat you can visit.

Have fun and learn a lot,


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http://www.ask-angels.com/archangels/ Here it has some names but there are more.

i like more to be in presence of divine beings rather than ascension seat. To better improve my health i said I intend to visit Archangel Raphael for 7 days (i guess this will work for many of our beloved divine beings if we like to be in their presence), after that i felt more calmness & energy. But im not sure if im in presence of Raphael or in their Ascension seat, could u plz clarify  Thank you for this great info & God bless.

I think if you ask to be in their presence you are in their presence if you aks to take to an ancension seat you will beon the acension seat you can also ask to merge with an arcangel. I think it goes up the ladder in intensity while being in the prensece is less intese as being on their acsenion seat and mergin is quite more profound. I think it depends on with how much light you feel comtable for what you choose.

Bernd, i would like to learn more about merging. What it is exactly? Is it like an attunement?


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