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  • Let it be known that Kala Dharma is holding free Membership to the high Cassel of Urantia / Kushan same name Feb. 2nd.

  • hello, Metatron is the archangel, who I am, for a long time, it help me reactivated my reiki, .thanks for information ,it's a big boss.

  • Thanks for the link about metatronia therapy Christoffer.This attunement has been on my list for a while now and i will be attuned to it later this year and will hopefully be able to offer Metatronia healing for the shamballa members in the near future : )

  • I just found out through an akashic records reading that AA metatron and i have  worked together when i resided in the angelic realms.He is still very close to me and the man that read my records said that he is in my records cutting cords and healing me so that he can prepare me for my role as a healer in this incarnation : ) He also saw that i have the ability to work with metatron to clear people of their karma.

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  • I work with all the Archangels but Archangel Metatron is very strong with me.

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Amazing New Year Ahead...2015...A Message From A.A. Metatron Via James Tyberonn...

18 December 2014 Channeler:James Tyberonn ARCHANGEL METATRON CHANNEL: 2015 : THE AMAZING YEAR AHEAD Copyrights Protected-All Rights of Authorship Reserved Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light, and I greet you in a vector of unconditional love. And so in this gathering we are asked by the channel to discuss the year that lies before you, 2015, in your linear chronology. It is ' Year Three' of the New Earth. It will be a truly amazing year, a time of shift, a time of great…

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ARCHANGEL METATRON ~ THE GRAND SEXTILE/MERKABAH via MÉLINE LAFONT My dearly beloved ones, as the Merkabah and great Sextile is coming across your paradigm and reality of time, there is an advancement lingering in that moment of truth that will proceed Humanity and its beloved Planet, called Gaia, in her more natural way of being. As you grow along with Gaia on her path of Ascension, a lot of tools in the form of energies and activations are being manifested on your…

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AA Metatron about ISON

AA Metatron about ISON “As she soars through the skies of the second merger She brings with her the wisdom of the ages to have come As she merges with the Sun’s rays at the noon of the eternal waters She brings forth the understanding of all that has gone by and has arrived For she brings with her the eternal truth of The Source, The eternal truth of the understanding of the key of life, For she swirls within her very passion In order to bring forth the mightiness of ONE.” The ISON, the…

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So, beloved ones, let us now gather our energies as we guide you through the dimensional portals, through the energy and into the center of this Ascension Wave therefore, please straighten your spine, draw your shoulders slightly backwards opening your heart chakra. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, take another deep breath in exhaling through your mouth and relaxing your body. Imagine a powerful gold and red flame of energy running up and down your spinal…

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