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glitter-graphics.comI've been fully awaken, I can hear much more farther and deeper than before, I am more aware than before, I can see through other eyes when speaking about me, I cannot explain. More Telepathic-empathic than before, also more channelings and connections than before, I have been astral traveling when I'm in my deep sleep and traveled much farther than before. My energies has become more vibrant, wavier, hotter, more frequencies and stronger than before. I was told that I'm different human than any human on this planet and in this realm and I was also told that I'm angelic and my eyes are known as angel eyes, I do have the rarest green eyes and different color green than any green color on this planet. I am more aware with much awareness, I can see much farther than before.

What brought you here?

What can you contribute?, Christlight, love, positive vibes and light. Also connection vibrations.






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  • Hi I like your page. I was wondering if you would like to check out a site I created to help unite us together. You are welcome to be my friend here, much love elshara Silverheart.
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    Sweet Angelic Pam, I love your name. My daughter is also named Pam. ♥

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    Thank you for your friendship. ♥

  • Welcome Sweet Angelic Pam, to “The City of Shamballa”. It’s great to have you join our caring compassionate site. Enjoy looking around and do join the groups where you can share like minded subjects with other beautiful souls here. Feel free to add discussion, comments, stories and pictures, to share with our, and now your family here. We have a wonderful group for New Members group, please click on the link and meet people that can help you around the site and any other problems you may have here.

    Blessings, Melodie


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