Surrender To Love & Awaken To Divine Light & Healing ! By Steven Hutchinson

Surrender To Love & Awaken To Divine Light & Healing ! By Steven Hutchinson

From the heart chakra of Mother/Father/God, I breathe into my entire embodiment the Highest Vibrations of the Creator's Supreme Love & Joy with my every in-breath, and with my every out-breath I breathe all of this Divine Energy Divine Energy into the crystalline grid to all of Gaia & to every human being. And my every out-breath also takes this Divine Energy into every cell of my body, and each cell receives this energy with my every breath, each cell releases into Divine Beauty and Love

I Surrender to the divine activity of the Creator's Energies of Supreme Love, Light, & Joy within me with my every breath. I Am a Divine Transmuter of Cosmic Love Consciousness as I synthesize and use and embody the Creator's Supreme Love in all aspects of my life. 

I Awaken to the Oneness in All. I live by the Law of Love. I hold ALL with the eyes of Love and I invoke and invite the power, peace and joy of this Love to take form in ALL my thoughts, affairs and relations. I hold ALL people, circumstances and events in this boundless and unconditional energy field of Love and Light that I AM. 

May ALL beings Awaken

May ALL beings be healed.

May ALL beings be forgiven.

Thank You God ! And So It Is !

Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all who read this,



I call forth Archangel Michael to surround me and protect me in a Blue Light Net during this meditation.

I call forth the Mahatma to bring a 12th dimensional Golden Ray from Source in the Great Central Sun extending down thru my chakra column into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth that keeps me grounded simultaneously in the Heart of Gaia (Mother Earth), & the Three Fold Flame within my Divine Heart, the the Heart of Mother/Father/God during this meditation.


I ask Archangel Michael to lovingly cut all psychic  ties & cords of negativity.... and I ask Ascended Master Saint Germaine to burn & transmute & release everything not of the Light within my 4-body system with the Violet Flame.


I call forth Ascended Masters Sanat Kumara, Lord Melchizedek, Master Kuthumi & Archangel Metatron with the Angelic Host to surround & bathe me in the Pure Divine Unicorn Rainbow Light and raise my vibrations & increase my Light quotient to the highest level possible for me now...and I allow Archangel Metatron to place a Ruby Red Crystal in my 3rd Eye Chakra & my Throat Chakra bringing me clarity in perceiving Divine Love within everyone & speaking & bringing thru the Creator in my words & actions.

(sit quietly for a while receiving this Blessing)

Lastly I call forth the order of the Seraphim to send me a Light and Love shower with the highest vibrational angelic energies that I am able to receive now. I ask that this light shower completely transmutes all my lower vibrations and totally fills my heart with unconditional Love.


(sit quietly for a while to receiving this Blessing)


Thank you God and beloved Archangels & Ascended Masters and the order of the Seraphim for this wonderful blessing and purification. I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart.

~Kadoish Kadosih Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth~


Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings of Light !" -




Silence is a sacred space... When in Silence all things can be heard. When in Silence all things are given respect. We listen in silence in our spiritual Walk, and we learn to listen in our physical Walk. As we Journey into Earth and Sky we hear through the quietness of our minds and mouths, we listen to all things that surround us. When we walk into our daily lives we hear more by listening first to the hearts of others before we speak. We understand more and assume less. There is a great clarity of Spirit and a great Peace that comes with silence. It is hard at times, but remembering this Sacred Space inside of us carries many blessings. Walking in respect and gratitude for all ~RedskyHawk

Video: "Judy Satori's Alchemy Transmission" -

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Thank you!

Thank you dear Steve for this great post. 

Thank you, I enjoyed this.

Thank you so very much for the healing ....

Janice, You are most welcome, and thank you for replying.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light & Abundance,


I just want to thank all of you beautiful people who replied to this post over the years...and I also want to let everyone know that I just finished a major revision of the opening prayer affirmation in the post.

infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of you,


It is spiritual beauty of picture which give message of happiness and silent  


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