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Soothing Aid To Ascension By Natalie Glasson...&...Clear Your Karmic Board - Light Language For Karmic Clearing...&...The 5 Principles Of Co-Creation By Solara An-Ra.






Soothing Aid To Ascension By Natalie Glasson &

The Venus Beings


It is a delight to be in your presence today. We are the collective energy of beings from Venus. We share with you our love, our peace and connection. We wish to be of service to you

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A Gift To Transcend The Chaos In Our Life By Patricia Cota-Robles...&...The Blueprint of Perfection ~ You Have It All, Think Less ~ Feel More!...&...How To Create New Connections By Natalie Glasson





A Gift To Transcend The Chaos In Our Life

By Patricia Cota-Robles


As we assimilate higher and higher frequencies of God’s Infinite Light everything that conflicts with that Light is being pushed to the surface to be Transmuted back into its origina

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