April 3

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Woke up in 2014, went through a rough time, got Usui Reiki level 1,2,3 attunement in 2015 and have been practicing healing methods ever since.

What brought you here?

General interest in healing.

What can you contribute?

I have some experience in reiki, pranic healing and metaphysical healing methods.

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  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for being you! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you are! We appreciate you! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • Thank you for accepting my friend request. Love, light and blessings to you too. :D

  • Thank you very much. I hope that too. I'm sending you love and light. God bless you. :D

  • Thank you very much again
  • Thank you for invitation to friend and for the healing. I am sure there are some tangible positive improvements

  • thanks for the friend invite and for the healing - i am feeling a little better. 

  • A sea salt and Magnesium Chloride bath does wonders for the body and removes auric stuff accumulated! Saging as another said helps, using the symbols taught in meditation for protection and daily self treatments which many including myself can overlook! I can say self love is a must! Blessing on your accomplishments and wonderful journey!
  • Greetings Sir ..
  • The Peacock Angel. I had forgotten that about the Yezidis. I only briefly am acquainted with their spiritual system. I encountered them doing research on Gobekli Tepe. Very peaceful people, reminded me of Sufi in many ways.

    I am grateful to have made your acquaintance.

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