Hello everyone! I will be sending Reiki, QT and other healing energies for 45 minutes for 2 weeks anytime between 4:00-7pm GMT! I will start from 5th December. On 5th Dec time will be 5-5:45 pm GMT. I am trying different techniques and want to know if they are working or not. Anyone who is interested in receiving healing please post your names so that I can add that to the list of people that I am sending energy to. I will be running energy for multiple recipients at once. So everyone is welcome. Also let me know if you want me to send healing to anyone else you know (with their permission of course) or your pets etc. I would love to hear your feedback, specially from people who are sensitive to energy.
     I will send Reiki and other healing energies for the first 20 minutes. For the remaining 25 minutes, I will add QT energy to what I am already sending.

I am interested in knowing the following and ANYTHING AT ALL that you would like to add :
- What did you feel During and After the session.
- Any improvements that you have noticed at the end of 2 weeks.
- Are the energies working on the physical body and all subtle bodies (like the mental, emotional bodies) at once, or only on one at one time.
- Are they working on different areas of the physical body at once or only one at a time.
- Do you feel the energies are too subtle to be noticed, or do you feel any discomfort.

Once I start running QT energy
- How much of a difference do you feel in the overall energy once I have started running QT energy.

Depending on feedback, I might do it for a full month, but I am not sure at this time.
       Please give your feedback after the session on 5th. Whatever you felt. I am not just sending energy for physical healing, but for the healing of mental, emotional and other aspects also. After 2 weeks (or maybe a month, if I decide to do that) notice the change in your health, thoughts, emotions. You may be focused on healing a particular issue(s). But sometimes healing energies don't right away address the issue that you want them to because maybe there are more serious issues (that you may or may not be aware of) that need to be taken care of first. So even if you don't notice any significant improvement in the issue that you wanted resolved, do look out for any other positive changes that may have taken place in you. Maybe a shift in awareness, or more self control when dealing with habits or compulsive behavior etc. Individual experience will vary.

If you want to stop receiving at any time, just set the intention to not receive from me anymore. Later on, any time during the two weeks, you can set the intention to receive from me again. If I change the timings, I will let you know. Regardless of what time I send it, you would still receive the healing. The time is just for you to observe what you are feeling during the session.

Thanks for participating!
Positive, Negative, all feedback is welcome.

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Thank you

hi Kyanite please add my name to your free healing list


Yes please. will you also include all my rescue animals, please.. It is interesting that those of us with animals are welcoming of additional help. 

I think it will be a very interesting experiment and you are brave to work this way. I too, only feel it when I work with animals...much less with distant or humans.

I wish you every success and would be great if you too feedback on your experience as a healer while sending in this way, that way it will serve as a real testimony, balanced and useful.

Thank you, My name is Mary Keating, its ages since I have been here or participated much at all but your post drew me in .

i would like to be a part of this please for me and my two dogs ziggy and jackson

Yes please. Muy name Manuel Sanchez Rufino
Hi, I would love to receive the energy. My name is Oana Oltean Mhango.

Hello AMBA,

Thank you so much for doing this. I would like to add 4 more to your list in addition to myself. 

Erin, Richard, Kaylee and Marie. 

I will be happy to give feedback and appreciate you so much for doing this for all of us. I do not "see" what others do, but I feel energy and so grateful that our paths have met. 

Thank you,


Hi Patricia Schloe! I am not AMBA. Names added.

Please add me too. Namasté - Tashi Delek - Gasshó
Hello Amba! How wonderful and exciting!

Please send energy to
A'djana, Seth, Novelyne, Mya, Dan, Aubrie.

Hi Jeanelle (jeanna) Rivas! I am not AMBA. Names added.

Welcome and Thank you every one! I am recording your names and names of your friends and animals.
Other beings and all life forms are welcome too. Just find a way of communicating with me. :)


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