July 28

Tell us about yourself? (All answers must be full sentence answers for your membership to be approved)

I am in my first incarnation and seeking help in finding my true self and being my true self

What brought you here?

Seeking answers to my questions

What can you contribute?

It depends on how will i evolve

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  • Hi I like your page. I was wondering if you would like to check out a site I created to help unite us together. You are welcome to be my friend here, much love elshara Silverheart.
  • Happy Birthday Milan!
  • Hi Milan

    I note you state you are in your first incarnation.... what makes you think that?  I say this with respect, as it was not until 33 years ago, whilst in a trance meditation class, when I believed reincarnation for the first time, that I accepted this, therefore realising I had lived on earth before.  It is often the case that the veil of rebirth here on earth, hides our past lives, so that we are not aware of these until something resonates and we recognise that as a fact.


    Of course it could be your first life?





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    Hi Milan

    You will have seen my posting now on the Dhuman Adamic Race.

    I have just posted writing on the Arks... taken from one of my special books, at the end of Forget-me-not.

    You can see that it was more than a five minute posting!


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    Hi Milan

    Re your questions on Forget-me-not... sorry for the delay.  I want to do your questions justice, so hope to reply Monday, 3rd.


    Enjoy the weekend.



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    Try to listen this whole day and if the spirit is negative they will try to go from you 

  • Hi Milan i have attack before 2 -3 weeks and then i have cleared my self maybe i can help you, I have cleand my self with theta healing and combination with gregori grabojev

  • Welcome to City of Shamballa !!!

    Enjoy looking around; do join the groups where you can share subjects with other beautiful souls here. Feel free to add discussion, comments, stories and pictures, to share with our, and now your family here. Go and get attunements .You just have to decide which one at the moment , use Recommended Attunement Order (for Chris Comish's attunements)

    i also suggest you the Art of Blessing event.

    Blessings, Sebastian


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