October 25

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Hi, i am 62 years young man and i have Usui Reiki 1 and 2 attunements.

What brought you here?

I am intrested of all kind of healing.

What can you contribute?

I can help others with distance healing


My goals is to be healthy.

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  • The Chi Ball is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is your energy that forms the Chi Ball. You control the energy that goes directly into the Chi Ball. Your intent creates the color, the size; and everything that goes into it. You send it with your breath and energy. Once the Chi Ball is created, you disconnect from the Chi Ball and it stands on its own completely energized and ready to be sent.
    To make the Chi Ball, we need to prepare ourselves by centering, grounding and protecting. To Center, bring your awareness to your navel and take a big breath into your belly. You are now in the present moment. Remember energy follows intention, so keep your focus. To Ground, see energy cords like roots of a tree connecting deep into the Earth’s core and anchor it somehow. Then to Protect, shield yourself with a Ball of White Light. See it, feel it, know that it is surrounding your entire being. You may also visualize symbols surrounding you like a pyramid, Archangel Michael’s Symbol or a Merkaba.
    Sit in a chair with feet on the floor. Look at your hands palms up. See them, the lines that create the skin, the fingers, and the palms. Now take your hands and place them at just chest level, comfortable for you to work easily with during this exercise. Go into a meditative state.

    Take your hands and face the palms to each other. Hold them close to each other and feel the energy as it builds. Now slowly bring your hands apart to about 4 inches from one another and allow the energy to travel with the motion. The energy is warm, and you can feel it build between your two palms. Mold that energy with your hands to form a ball round and complete. With your hands in this position, please take a breath through your nose and breathe deeply with your diaphragm (solar plexus). Now exhale through your mouth, quietly; and evenly into your chi ball held between your hands.
    You are giving the ball your Light Energy. Feel the energy go to the space between your hands. Feel a heartbeat in the space between your hands, and take a moment and feel that energy build with gentle power. Allow your hands to form a ball around the energy you have created.

    Once the energy is in the Chi Ball, it is cleansed and purified and made perfect. Chi energy is perfect energy. It also protects you and the recipient of the energy from any negative forces in the sending and receiving of it.

  • Welcome Rauno, to “The City of Shamballa”. It’s great to have you join our caring compassionate site. Enjoy looking around, and join the groups where you can share like minded subjects with other beautiful souls here. Feel free to add discussion, comments, stories and pictures, to share with our, and now your family here. We have a wonderful group for New Members group, please click on the link and meet people that can help you around the site and any other problems you may have here.

    Blessings, Melodie




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  • Rauno, I'm delighted to welcome you to the City of Shamballa.
    Blessings of Love & Light,

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