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***Take planetary ray attunements first before you take this.

There are cosmic versions of the planetary rays. The cosmic rays are sourced from the Godhead at the Creator level and then filtered through each level (cosmic, multi-universal, universal, galactic, solar) and then down to Earth. There is not much information on the cosmic rays, since humanity has only been accessing the rays since the late 1990s.

The cosmic rays are not yet grounded into Mother Earth, as most of humanity is not yet ready for them. Attuning yourself to the cosmic rays is extremely important to accelerate your personal ascension process and that of the entire planet. Each attunement to the cosmic rays grounds the energies into your being as well as the Earth. When enough of humanity has grounded the cosmic rays, they will begin permanently anchoring into the center of Mother Earth, accelerating the beginning of the Golden Age.


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  • Thank you Chris, for this great opportunity to access the higher cosmic rays. 

  • Dear alain,

    Thanks for your reminder...

    God Bless you...

  • @ Michael, no they are not similar

  • Ive completed the Lightarian Rays and Clearings. Are they similar or the same thing as this attunement?

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  • Dear Chris

    Thanks for this event.....

    I will have to come here frequently and will have to practice it with Meditation....

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  • Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. Love and Light to all of you.

  • Thank you!

  • READY TO RECEIVE! Read the document when you are ready.

    Thanks for the Access to this material !!:!!

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