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July 5

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I am currently on disability and became a Reiki Master Teacher in June 2007 because my laying of hands ministry of healing was too physically draining. While on disability I have only done distance Reiki and have been reading when I came learned about Shamballa.

What brought you here?

I am interested learning about course work in Shamballa, Kundalini Reiki and Imara Reiki.

What can you contribute?

I am not sure what I have to contribute given that I am on disability and I just read about Shamballa from Comish's book. He suggested this site to look at course material..

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Yes I agree given that I am a clergy of peace and love.

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  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for being you! We appreciate you! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • Dear Mary,
    Thanks for your love...here am sending a Yellow Ribbon for our Divine Friendship..
    Thanks for your Love..
  • Pink Ribbon
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    “Magic comes from what is inside you. It is a part of you. You can't weave together a spell that you don't believe in.” ~Jim Butcher
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    Hello Mary. Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog. It can be so hard sometimes not to feed the other wolf. Sometimes the challenges that cross our path make it so easy to feed that ill-tempered wolf. I hope you have enjoyed a fantastic and happy weekend and I hope you have a sparkling, bright and sunny Monday
    Lots of love and warm hugs Aysha
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  • Dear Mary,

    I do appreciate your Loving Friendship....


  • Dear Mary,

    Thanks for your gift....

    I am sorry to reply late....

    God Bless you always...with Love , Light &  Blessings,


  • Mary, I'm delighted to welcome you to my new discussion group "Spiritual Growth". You will find a number of new & uplifting discussions & meditations there every week. Just tune in & visit with this link: Spiritual Growth

    And please feel free to add your Light to our group thru posting discussions, videos, comments, etc. that help uplift us all.

    Blessings of Love & Light,




    Uploaded on 3 Dec 2010
    Sit back relax go with your emotions to the base chacra .
    The frequencies in this video will cleans your root or base chacra , cleanses it from all sort of blockage and negativ energies !

    When you start to feel a tingeling in your feeds or genitals or all around your hips area this is a sure indication for the cleansing takes place !

    The more you meditate with help of this video and the frequencies you will also expirience some flashes of heat or warmth coming up your spine and you will feel also a warm touch in your belly.

    Your whole Body and Chacra-system will be charged with life-energie.

    please give some feed back, the experience youll make with this meditation video.
    Peace, burning Love and good health 4 you my brother and sister :)

    visit: meditaionguide.blogspot.com

    Glory to the Most High the giver of Life YASHUA the CHRIST Amen

  • Hi Mary, Thanks for your Friendship. I look forward to chatting with you on the groups. Many Blessings. Melodie

    Tibetan Reiki attunement - The Violet Breath

  • Hi I like your page, I am Elshara, you are welcome to be my friend here. I wonder if you would like to look at a spiritual site I created unitedstarseeds.com to help paths connect. Much love namaste.
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