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Dear Brothers and Sisters

here you find the translation of my book Divine-Doorways! I worked on it for a long time, and it includes over 525 Pages with over 130 attunements and initiations into many mayor and minor parts of light work and magic.

I decided to make this book so many people can receive my attunements and initiations. In English, it is not available at the book market because I am in the process of finding a professional publisher with a good reputation. Until I found a publisher, I will give it away on a donation base.

All Attunements and Initiations in the book are ready to be received by everyone. You can receive and work with any of the included energy systems. If you like, you can make a PayPal donation for my book.

If you like, you can also send it to friends or share it in social media.

Divine Doorways A light magic ascension path.pdf

Best wishes
Frederik Bernd Zimmermann


If you want to support my magical work, you are welcome to donate an
amount via PayPal. Please send your donation via PayPal to the email

Please note: The book was translated into English by an AI and so it may contain some errors.

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  • Bernd,  you did a wonderful job on this body of work. It's nice to still see you doing the work. I continue to use your earlier Empowerments and share them with people succesfully,  Thank you!


  • Amazing work, thank you!

  • Gratitude infini pour ce magnifique travail. 

  • Dear Frederik , Should I replace You name  " Bernd Zimmermann " as your teachers name in all the attunements in this Manual 

    Thank you

    Maahdu Sunkaraa

  • Thank you Bernd. Blessings to you.

This reply was deleted.