This is a guided meditation to help you experience & know God within you. Its is the 2nd guided meditation video in the new series called "Ascension Videos That Help You Ascend, found at:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1HfWHH4xK0YB4Nfa7YDlCPgNpzx... You can find more info about the 2 powerful chants in the video at: Seven Holy Kumaras - http://www.ascension-research.org/kumaras.html, and the Moola Mantra - http://www.omoneness.com/moolamantra.html

Here's an Intro To the Meditation:

And now we call forth our "I Am Presence" to merge with our mind & lead & guide us in this meditation. We call forth Ascended Master Sanat Kumara & the 'Lords of The Flame' & Archangel Metatron with all of the accompanying Archangels and Great Beings helping mankind ascend to help lift our vibrations and release from each of us all remaining blocks to our ascension.... We allow Father/Mother/God's Divine Will to merge with Our Will.... We allow God's Love & Power to flow thru our entire Being now as we listen to the 'Moola Mantra', as we allow the Supreme Being's Energy to help us experience Pure Love....Pure Bliss....Pure Joy.... .We allow ourselves to experience God's Divinity within us in every moment, and with every Breath we take.... Following our breath now,  we know God is Breathing thru us as we allow ourselves to receive now God's Sacred Fire Love in the chant of the 'Seven Holy Kumaras'.... and God's Sacred Fire continually works in us consuming all remaining 3rd dimensional crystallization's....We allow ourselves to perceive God's Qualities within us now... We allow ourselves to perceive God's Essence that is Beyond Form within all of life .... We allow ourselves to perceive God's Essence within every person we look at.... We allow God's Peace & Love to abide in our Awareness in everything we experience in life now.



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why do you take the original children of the sun meditation and only use some while adding own stuff.

Its beautiful so why take and change it?

Daniel, I love guided meditations, & I love the Children of the Sun guided meditations most of all - & I meditate with the full Rite of Passage meditation for this week, "Rite of Transfiguration" every day as well...and sometimes I just do a silent meditation completely led by my "I Am Presence" or an Ascended Master or Archangel....and I am also Divinely guided to produce meditations like the one you are referring to. I also definitely recommend that everyone do the full Rite of Passage meditation once a day... and above all - always have the intention & will to always be led by your I Am Presence & God in every moment.

Love & Blessings,


Wow... Steven,


You do a lot of meditations..... something I need to do more of.



tip topp. Keep up the good work. Sorry about my moodiness today.

Stay strong, live long, sing your song

Sorry for hars words. Keep up the good work=)

I meen nothing

Im off nicotine and i could prob rip anybody apart right now but not to worry. Peaceful in nature, angry with corruption.



Dear Steven,

Thanks for this post...and thanks to christoffer also....



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