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Apocalypse Calling: Zen Gardner

Apocalypse Calling

Saturday, April 28th, 2012.


by Zen Gardner


Strange sounds abound

While quakes shift the ground

As the earth sheds its shadowy veil


A world now deranged

As things rearrange

Will now enter the steed colored pale?


Mankind await

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Beginning the Journey Within


Namaste Dear Friends.

I would like to discuss a subject that I have had plenty of practice in, and I am sure, so have many other spiritual aspirants, walking the path and experiencing many difficult situations and ultimately, loneliness.    It is W

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                    Sharing some thoughts on Ascension and Awakening to our True-Selves -

                       Our Connection with God/Creator/Source and Oneness with the All.


                             Everything you see, touch and feel

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                                     ~*~    You  Have  Chosen  to  Remember     ~*~

The Godself is the essence of God within you. You are the essence of God physically expressing itself on Earth. The essence of God is love. Love is all you are; it

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