For those interested in the colonization of Mars....

Mars may experience snowstorms at night, a new study finds, suggesting that the Martian atmosphere is far more active than previously thought.

Mars is dry compared to Earth: Its cold nature makes it unlikely that any of the ice on the Red Planet's surface would melt, and its extremely thin atmosphere would cause any liquid water on the surface to vaporize nearly immediately. Still, Mars' atmosphere does possess clouds of frozen water.

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Dear Chris,

Thanks for such a inspiring message...


Thank you Chris,

for the moment i do not want to go physically to mars, it is maybe a little cold their ;-). But Mars is a very intresting planet with more history than common since thinks today. Snowstorms, i heard from the idea of heating up Mars to be more suitable for human life but i suggest that we have to take good care for Earth first and envole to the species of love which we really are before we try to terraform planets.

Best wishes and love


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