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  • i really like - the spiritual healing site of David Isaacson, full of great spiritual information, and he's a great healer

    and - a school/blog by Saryon related to ascended masters and other topics, very very good stuff :)

  • Dear Marcia,

    This site has been closed on August 2012....

  • I adore His webcasts and cards of the day are part of my regular meditations.

  • dear sohini the site is Membership is by invitation only,:(

  • letting_go.jpg

  • Dear Chris,

    I have my

    here you will get meditations as well as certain Groups that can help you for Ascension.....


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  • Judy Satori is awesome!I've been using her site for over a year and it is amazing!
  • The Sound of Light site is amazing! I havent had a chance to check out the other ones yet but this is an excellant start! Judi Satori knows what she is talking about! Thank you Chris!
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The Landing Sequence Has Now begun ~ The Coming " New Earth " Portal...By Aluna Joy...

THE LANDING SEQUENCE HAS NOW BEGUN ~ THE COMING "NEW EARTH" PORTAL The Star Elders through Aluna Joy - March 29th, 2014 I saw a joke on line. It goes . . . "Deja Poo . . . The feeling you have heard this crap before". It has been a real challenge for visionaries to deal with and write about was has been happening over the last 16 months without feeling like a skipping record. We feel like we are saying the same things over and over . . . rehashing ideals, concepts, symptoms until they seem to…

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