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Project Cancer Liberation

If not for my Dad, I would not have become a Healer & Teacher and for that I have chosen to be awaken and to be able to heal Cancer victims worldwide. Once a 40 sticks Cigarettes smoker who quit within 24 hours and started to embrace Spirituality when I had been in Depression when losing my Dad during Liver Cancer,

For the Past 16 Years I have evolved and have been supporting Cancer Victim with my own FREE teaching within portion of my Mystery School. It was then that I saw, it has always been my Soul path and I had saved some who truly believe in Holistic Healing in Loving themselves by working what I had taught them. (Please note this is a self heal free program that I will teach those who are willing)

Now after 16 Years,  I had graduated with much finer  powerful source of Light Specifically for healing Cancer Tumors of all sorts, I had total removal of Tumors from Cancer Victims through this new healing service.

The time for healing depends on the size of tumors and also the age of the victim and Im very excited to promote this new healing here since I saw what could be done in short period of time! (Please note that this is not a Free healing)

Infinite Love & Light as always.

Trishula Bearer

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This Pug Dog was my most recent patients from Cancer Support & due to her Heart Complications, her  self recovering progress was delayed but we were very happy that it  completely healed with the Grace of God.  when the owner came to me, her tumour was as big as a softball and since she is just around 5 years of age,  chances that the body vessel would be good enough for this miracle self-healing through my work with the God & supreme beings.

The Vet quoted US$5500 for removal of the tumor but did not mention much regarding the risk it might occurred since the pug bags Heart issues since Childhood.

Prior Healing my  first human client, I had remembered that my Dearest Belove rabbit from Hong Kong had suffered from tumor too so I immediately healed her via recent photo that i had. It was done Distant with me in Singapore & her in Hong Kong.   Please note that she was given 4 days of 15 mins treatment services and here is the result as shown Before & After for external tumor.

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Project cancer liberation Healing service

Started by Trishula Bearer. Last reply by Sky May 29, 2018. 3 Replies

Prior Healing my  first human client, I had remembered that my Dearest Belove rabbit from Hong Kong had suffered from tumor too so I immediately healed her via recent photo that i had. It was done Distant with me in Singapore & her in Hong…Continue

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Comment by Trishula Bearer on July 5, 2019 at 7:20am

Dear Michael, 

Please do not misunderstood by me however i sincerely thank you of your time & kindness.

First of all, i do not think that any others healing would not be able to support Cancer but being able to work & support Cancer fighters for 17 years , i could tell you that its not easy.   Cancer healing will come in contact with much Darkness in the form of Spirits of human or demonic manipulations case, Karmic Debts, Malicious implants & new forms of parasites that would even mimic ur DNA or ur organs before it breaks it down and took over as Cancerous organ.

to be able to heal Cancer, by sending vibrational light healing to the victim is simply not enough since its just not deep enough & might not even heal the root of the problem.

I can eliminate or assassinates those of the unholy manipulation,  not matter how new may the implants be or species of Parasites im able to eliminate as well.

Of course, for those that i already knew me for years, shall also know Karmic effect won't threaten me as multiple lifetimes including this one, Lord Shiva & many other Fierce Protectors are my Guru.

Im not trying to bring anyone down but if theres any devoted Cancer healer who like to know if they are ready to be one then do write to me and i shall give u something from the Cancer Energies but shall be safely contained by me b4 i let u work on it. If u pass, this means that i will not be worried that u will be surrounded by the dark energies and eventually end up in chronic health.

Again, im in no position to judge ur strength & power. i just want u to feel the things before its too late.

Infnite Love & Light as always,

Trishula Bearer 

Comment by michael Farley on January 2, 2019 at 5:29am

I am always here if help is needed. I am a born healer but also a reiki master and a master of many other modalities. I say this because I may not find healers willing to help me via distance but I always am looking to help regardless. if you ever need my help i am best found at my email however when I receive a message i think it will send it to my email, i do not know, maybe try both?? either way i will be paying attention to this group. I have had luck with cancer with a couple people but not others however it never hurts to try :) than you and much gratitude and love -Michael

Comment by Trishula Bearer on July 11, 2018 at 4:20am

To All who had joined my Group, i Thank you for your Love & time.

I had experience difficulty to access my group here from my mobile hence i cant be often here but i would try to be here via my surface pro.

This group is about giving my very own Cancer liberating meditations only for Cancer victims and of course must have their free will approval.

i also had been very busy harnessing my new skill as a paid service to treat various kind of Cancer including leukaemia as well. Women's infertility is in the development although its not a Complimentary thing.

Currently i would like to use my skill to help one Leukaemia child so please contact me if you know someone.

Peace in your Heart & in the World

Om Swasti Astu

Trishula Bearer

Comment by Immortal Melvyn M. Lusterio on June 14, 2018 at 1:24pm

The Good Force be with forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Comment by Trishula Bearer on May 25, 2018 at 11:24pm

Thank you Sky & Alll who had written. As usual, I had been a user in ning prior that they became a commercial site and there's always faults LOL , not that  its the founders fault but rather the Ning management. For over 100 plus dollars site a month, I never would imagine this.    That's why I couldn't comment yesterday!   

Please donate when possible ❤️ to make things happen......

Comment by Omaniala Sangatah on May 25, 2018 at 2:57am

I'd like to express all my trust, love and consideration for this program.

My son had a stage2 synovialo sarcom, it's a very impressive energy, agressive tumor... so rare. Only glioblastom tumors have this ability to extend more than it.

Ha was in hospital for operation, after biopsy they found cancer. One month after, when then opened again to really cut all neighbour cells to stop this agressivity, no cancer at biopsy. I'm totally sure it's soul work of my son certainly with explained psychosomatic healings, alcaline food we had at this moment whitch did the job a little with my healings and initiations from amba and friends here, but what REALLY made the difference in this wonderful recorery and TOTAL REMISSION was cancer liberation of Trishula.

Today, he's healing my grandpa for a stage 2 (near 3 i think) enormous liver cancer (9cm tumor operated, nodules found around) and i'm (almost) sure that he will not died of that even if he's 88.

You have all my gratitude for this beautiful healing job you've done <3 Be blessed for your love and concern for cancerous issues

Comment by serap sezer on May 25, 2018 at 1:05am

thankyou so much



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