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The fourth ray has been called the “ray of struggle” as its lower aspect and the ray of harmony as its higher aspect. Paul the Venetian is the Chohan of the fourth ray.

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  • hello, someone can explain me why Paul is the Chohan of the 4 ray here on this website, and on most of the other website that i saw it is tell that it is Serapis Bay ??? Thanks for the helps in clearing this info

    Tario. Blessings

  • Dear Chris,

    Love, beauty and Art is .....If Everything is in Harmony and Balance then we can find good and beautiful.....all loved and will not tolerate separation....


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Master Paul the Venetian

Beloved children of my heart! I greet you in the Flame of Love. May the blessings of the grace of the Holy Spirit ever find me welcome within your heart, your feelings, and your very soul! Gentle as a pure white dove, which symbolizes His consciousness, the grace and humility of the Holy Spirit drawn out of the sweet delicate rhythm of its reverent song of being, are often overlooked by the Western mind. When a man comes to a place of "listening grace," when all of the restless energies of his…

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