Two paths of choices in Oneness reality (All is One, expression and free will allowed for expansion of creation universe). Two sides of the same coin. That coin being expression and choice- free will. One choice is free will toward the Creator (service to others- love/light), one is the free will away from the Creator (service to self- self love only/darkness). Service to others charkas radiate all 7 chakras according to the Law of One. While service to self has no crown activation and a dim heart center with developed root, sacral, solar plexus (will), and brow (third eye) chakras. Crown chakra only activates with all chakras illuminated so it needs the heart chakra which is found in service to others. Crown chakra activation is needed for ascension. More background found at

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May my interpretation resonate with you. I struggled with understanding evil for a long time. I used to ask myself, why was it allowed on Earth? It just Is. (Alvin/Esta Lior taught me that- he said don't open the door, it just is- bless you brother). Just like good just Is. Two sides of the same coin, that coin being expression/choice which is allowed on Earth as part of the Creator's creative expression. The Creator gives us free will choice to choose our path back to the Creator or not. All beings are destined to return to the Creator as you have read in many sacred texts, however some beings will take longer than others through the karmic re-incarnation cycle. Once you leave the cycle through enough acts of loving service to others, you do not need to re-incarnate, as you literally step out of Earth school (3D (physical choices) and 4D (emotional/mental choices and some spirit beings of less than 5D vibration- hence third eye use in both choices)) and move to the next vibration of 5D (oneness/harmony/unity/understanding of free will and choice/unconditional love vibration). 

Another comment. I struggled a long time with understanding evil on Earth. I finalize realized "It just is" just like the good "just is". Both exist as two choices on the same coin of The Creator's expression/free-will in order to know Itself. Also please understand about healthy boundaries. Good people don't have to be pushovers to evil, they can defend themselves and others from evil and later forgive the evil ones. A spiritual example is Archangel Michael- he defends us from evil, but he will gladly escort all into the Light who want to return also. An example on Earth is the good people of Ukraine defending themselves against Putin and his minions (may they be contained and forgiven). The Ukrainian troops aren't being pushovers and they aren't being evil either by killing, they are defending their lives and lives of their families and killing only as needed to do that. Ukrainian troops aren't going straight into Russia and murdering innocent civilians in Russia either, they are targeting enemy Russian troops in self-defense who are targeting them. The goal of good people is to treat everyone equally, so set healthy boundaries, do not let evil people control or manipulate you or others. Evil people need containment and boundaries, which is why prisons have plenty of people on Earth being contained. Of course all people can choose to change their lives for the better, they are forgiven, and returned to a state of good in life. Namaste.

Apologies Sensei Comish, but I strongly disagree with your views on Ukraine.
Apparently you are unaware of the fact that for many years Ukrainians committed genocidal acts.
Apparently you are unaware of the fact that in Ukraine there were criminal activities by evil forces.
Apparently you are unaware that the war in Ukraine was started by NATO forces many many years ago.

I am a strong supporter of Humans defending themselves. But this is not the case of Ukraine. In this moment we have a NWO (negative and evil) stronghold fighting the rest of the world (positive and good) which keeps pouring propaganda upon propaganda in order to keep spending gezillion resources, energies and money towards bribes, black money, proxy wars and genocidal acts, calling those actions humanitarian.

I find it very strange that a Reiki Master and a highly evolved being does not realize the frauds and crimes being committed... And I truly cannot understand who and what you are channeling... 

Best regards,

Dr. Valerio Curti, PhD, MR, MS, OF 11 (S.B.F.)

Dr. Valerio Curti, I wouldn't say I'm highly evolved, there is a multitude of dimensions and paths to the Creator. I'm a humble servant of the Creator here to do the will of the Creator. Another brother in Love and Light here to serve all of my brothers and sisters. I'm aware there are good and bad eggs in every basket. This goes with all people. In both Ukraine and Russia. I'm sure there are good and bad things happening simultaneously everywhere, everyone is making their choices. So I can see your perspective too. There are many choices in life, many perspectives, all puzzle pieces that form the truth. Blessings to you. 

Sensei Comish, 
We completely agree on that one.
Infinite blessings/blissing to you and those most dear to you.
And infinite blessings/blissing to the good eggs worldwide.
As for the bad eggs, at least they are useful as fertilizer... :-D so they will bless Mother Earth

Dear Chris,

I do agree with You !

Love You & Bless You !


Service to others is Service to self...

Enjoy the power...Negative path is Torturing...others..

For Victory serve the others.



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