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Ascension process

Step 1. Realize you are not the body or the mind. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. At this stage the heart begins to open. Kundalini rises to heart. Causal body experience. 

Step 2. Connect with your higher self/Spirit in meditati

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What is your Monadic ray?

Found a quiz that you may find interesting and helpful with your ascension.


Uncover your life's purpose by finding your Monadic ray (or Soul ray). Your Monad has a primary ray and then there are also blends in each Monad of the other rays. The Mona

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Dimensions & Densities

Spiritual Awakening Course: Topic 28

Dimensions & Densities 

by Andrew Vibez

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Two paths

Two paths of choices in Oneness reality (All is One, expression and free will allowed for expansion of creation universe). Two sides of the same coin. That coin being expression and choice- free will. One choice is free will toward the Creator (servi

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