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Initiation is the process of undergoing an expansion toward higher levels of consciousness. 

Alice A. Bailey

Initiation is a process by which we try to develop ourselves not that we may become great and wise, but that we may have the power and knowledge to work for humanity to the best effect.

C.W. Leadbeater

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  • Dear Chris,

    Actually Allice Bailey was a Chanel for Master D. K., The Tibetan Master...who gave 14 Rules for Initiation.

    But all his work has been channel by Alice Bailey.

    She had very big Library as her work started when she was very young...18 years of Age.

    I think she was in London.


  • Dear Chris,

    I like the work of Charles Lead Beater and am also a member of the Theosophical Society since 1997.

    Thanks for this Link ...from Alice Bailey....and all about...Master Choa Kok Sui ...Pranic Healer.


    • Dr. Sohini Shukla, You are welcome. Blessings to you of Love and Light. 

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