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What does it mean to be One? By Gold Wing

I'll preface this discussion by saying it is my own truth, deep within my core and it may not resonate with your truth but I feel that at this time this particular truth for me needs to be shared. Feel free to follow what resonates with your inner truth. As always.

I find myself often cringing lately at the common 'dogma' within new age circles of "We are One", "We are ONE being", "We are Source" and "I AM"...

Let me explain why. Because to my core it is a bitchslap against what I know to be truth. That we are all connected via the Ultimate or Prime Creator or Source. Individuality is not part of 'duality' it's not some curse to be lifted nor is it the cause for feeling of seperation amongst humanity.

Individuality is a gift and the greatest gift of all given to all beings by Source or God or Creator, it does not diminish your greatness to be a god spark or creator spark, a co-creator.

In fact it's a unique blessing that you are you and I am me. The universe and experience would be pretty boring indeed if we were all literally one being, with one true identity.

So here is what my truth is, all beings are created equal, to give you an analogy, I am a mother, I have children, who may go on to have other children, my children will always be a part of me and connected to me, yet they are their own unique personalities with their own plans, their own dreams and aspirations. I love them unconditionally and support them even when I don't agree with their choices, my love will never change.

The Prime Creator is no different than a parent. Loving each individual co-creator or kiddie. Wishing we'd all remember we are all related and we'd call more often and appreciate each other more.

Just as a parent will step in when siblings fight to try and come to a peaceful resolution, so does Prime Creator step in when we fight, especially if one sibling is really bullying the others. At some point a loving 'that's enough' will come into play.

I often hear terms like 'going home to Source' which I'll admit leaves me shaking my head because the entire purpose of life is just that, to experience, to live, to grow, to expand, it's not about 'returning to Source' it's about remembering our constant connection to Source and to all our family, which is vast beyond our comprehension at this time.

We as a species are far from I AM, and moving towards Ahhh I am Connected to All. A baby doesn't jump up and go running. But sometimes an older sibling will hold that baby's hand and help it learn to walk, at the direction of the parent.

Et assistance is basically exactly that, Source asking older more experienced family members to give us a hand, help us as family does. It isn't about us being inferior, it's not about us giving up our power as we are all equal and loved equally. It's about a universal family that does what families do.

Your individuality is what makes you a unique expression of Source. YOU will always be YOU, just a YOU that remembers US and connection to US.

It's not about US moving back in with our Parent, it's about us remembering to call and having family get together's and stopping bickering and sibling rivalry so that we can enjoy more, learn more, grow more and expand more, for just as the universe is ever expanding, so are WE. In my humble opinion it's a pretty exciting experience with new ones around the corner.

Family hug anyone?

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  • I do not understand that "we are all one"

    That would mean that i am one also with evil beings and that god and devil are the same being.


  • 1938941820?profile=original

    Hi Chris


    Intersting, thank you for sharing.


    I agree, about remembering... which is why from my point of view! I think of home or have a memory, obviously not complete. I have two spirit guides drawn by a spiritual medium, and when I mentioned that looking at one, I kept seeing the other... the answer was, in our world at our stage of awareness, we think as one, and therefore seem as one... words to that effect.



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