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The Silent Symphony By Ann Albers

Hi All,

Today the angels explain vibrational reality as "the silent symphony of love." I'll share my recent spiritual adventures in the other realms, as well as some tips to help you sound your own loving melody within this vibrational symphony of love.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels :

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you wants to be a contribution to this earth. Each one of you wants to feel you have purpose and a reason for being. We know that in every moment you have a chance to make your life purposeful, precious, valuable, and impactful beyond words and your human capacity to comprehend.

Suppose everyone in the world was singing a tune or playing an instrument of their choosing. This melody of your song would reflect their emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the moment. Some of you would be playing symphonies of peace, whistling a happy, effervescent tune, or a calming melody. Some of you would be playing upbeat music that makes you want to dance. Some of you would be playing soothing or inspiring rhythms. Some of you would be playing angry discordant beats and blaring, unsettling melodies. Some of you would be playing sad haunting melodies. Others would be playing heart-stopping suspenseful melodies. Imagine for a minute, the absolute din of so many melodies, so many songs being played by the multitude of human hearts. What type of song would you be singing? What type of melody would you hum?

Now imagine that the intensity of your emotion determines the volume of each song. The happier you are, the louder your happy tune. The more peaceful you are, the more compelling your relaxing melody. The angrier you are the more impactful is your discordant melody. Can you imagine? It would be a din unlike any you’ve ever heard before.

Keep in mind that the music is based on your emotional/energetic offering, not your words. So those of you praying for peace, while sitting in fear are still emitting fearful melodies. Those of you fighting for even a good cause, while rooted in anger are still emitting discordant melodies. Those of you who labor in love, peace, compassion, or joy no matter how sad the world situation are emitting beauty and harmony. The words of your prayers do not affect the melody. The emotions beneath the words do. So suppose you pray with disgust for what you witness in the world. Your disgust is sounding the melody. Instead, suppose you have a moment of disgust, and then suddenly you focus on a world at peace, and what it would be like to see people hugging, helping, and laboring in love. Suddenly your discordant note is forgotten and you are playing a beautiful, harmonious composition.

This analogy, dear ones, points to the vibrational reality upon your planet earth, for each one of you IS emitting a silent symphony. As the world angers, the discordant energies stir. As the world prays for peace and gets in touch with their hearts, beautiful waves of energy (which are music to our ears!) begin to soothe and rock the hearts of humanity.

Your melody counts. Your vibrational emission counts. You might be the loving heart that sounds a loving note that helps the symphony of peace rise above the din of war! Your prayers for peace when they come from your love of peace are like beautiful instruments playing in a beautiful symphony.

We, in the heavens, are always playing the melodies of peace, love, hope, inspiration, and bliss. As more and more of you attune to these vibrations, emit these vibrations, and sound these notes, you start to lift the world up into a space where your notes join our own, where you can feel us, perceive us, and work with us as agents of peace upon your planet.

Don’t react, dear ones, to what you see on the news, other than to quickly make a determination that you will sound a note of love, a song of peace, a melody of hope. Join with us and be the changes you wish to see. You ARE making a difference. You are turning the tides. You are preventing what could have been a horrendous time upon your planet earth. Sing your silent soothing lullabies of peaceful frequency to those whose hearts are hurting so much that they create horrendous pain. Emanate your soothing vibrational notes of peace so those who are being hurt will know they deserve love and that love is there for them. Sing, if not with your voice dear ones, with your hearts, and sing the melodies you would wish to hear, to receive, and to participate in because these silent melodies of frequency are very real, and the changes they inspire in yourself, and the world, are very real as well.

We love you. You are coming into a new understanding of reality and your very important place within it. You are stepping into a world where you are the lights, the hopes, the inspirations, and the angels upon your earth. You have purpose dear ones. It is to emit the melodies of love. All else you do is for your own enjoyment. This unity and emanation with love is your most important purpose of all

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

What message do you sing in the Silent Symphony?

Video - "Angels Have A Message For You Today"


Message From Ann:

Hi Everyone,

I was making an Easter wreath, quietly blissing out with the beauty of faux flowers, and sequins, when I began to feel waves of love pouring to me and through me. It happens when I get super present doing something I enjoy, be it crafting, doing a reading, gazing, cooking, gardening, or folding soft towels fresh out of the dryer. I like to stop when this happens and just let it happen. I like to feel what the angels call “the silent symphony of love” pouring through me.

Often when I surrender to this love, I am transported somewhere in space/time to share it with someone in need. I rarely know where I'm "going" or who I am helping. Sometimes I see or feel but in this space outside of space/time, it feels natural to simply respond to the impulses from the creator without much thought on my own.

On this particular occasion, I was transported in my soul to various world leaders, simply to hug them in a space of angelic, unconditional love. It was a feeling of loving energy pouring through me to them. I felt the fears, angers, hopes, dashed dreams, and overall emotional outpouring. Some tried to push love away. They didn't believe in love. Others welcomed it. The angels and I, in energetic form, kept loving. It was a state of pure being, with no thoughts, no intention, no manipulations, no attachment to results –  just pure love. I felt this love, like a gentle soothing melody begin to find its way into even the hardened hearts, like water gently eroding stone over time.

I felt a circle of world leaders, in the forms of their souls before birth, wanting to do good in the world, wanting to create harmony, and some wanting to explore true vs. false power. I felt their soul’s loving intentions, and I felt the angels trying to remind them… “You came from love. You came to love. You came to embrace diversity. You came to learn, grow, and expand.” I was only an observer at this point. I felt some that were so far off from their original intent that many would call them evil, and yet the angels were sending only love and gentle, soothing reminders of the power of love. I came back to normal space/time bawling because the love was overwhelming.

It didn’t stop there. The waves of love kept rushing through me. I shut my eyes again and this time sensed rather than saw, a tank driver – a young man who was feeling severely conflicted about his orders to kill; a young man who got in the army to protect and was now being ordered to indiscriminately destroy. I felt this “silent symphony of love” pouring through me. It didn’t use words but it spoke in the silent vibrations. If I could have translated these vibration they would have said something like, “Remember. You are good. You have a heart. You are not a monster. You don’t need to do this. We love you.” I felt his heart melt in tears, and then suddenly popped back into my body sobbing even more in this outpouring of love. I felt compassion for that young man. through that moment, I glimpsed life through God's eyes and loved it all.

These moments in my life will seem weird to some and very familiar to many of you who also find yourself crossing into alternate dimensions from time to time. I believe we can all have them as we surrender to our intentions to become “channels of peace." The more you surrender to your desire to emanate harmonious vibrations in the “silent symphony of love” the more loving experiences you will have.

If we fight what we hate, we are not part of this symphony of love. If instead, we love what we love – peace, kindness, compassion, care, beauty, harmony, grace, and whatever else it is that you love – folding towels, watching the birds, driving on a clear highway, cooking breakfast, looking into the eyes of your puppy, drinking a good cup of tea – that love becomes a beautiful note in the heavenly choirs here on earth. To the degree we love what we do – to the degree you sip your coffee with rapt attention or focus on the birdsong with admiration – your note becomes more pronounced and profound. It matters, especially now.

We are learning, collectively, that what we do matters far less than the love with which we do it. Of course, this world requires action. This world needs us to be God’s hands, heart, eyes, and mouth – to perform deeds of love, compassion, and grace, to speak words of love, to feed and shelter people, to donate where needed, to raise beautiful children and tend to beautiful gardens. This world needs its scientists to advance technology and its trash collectors to keep our streets clean. We need our clerks and our accountants. We need our artists and musicians. We need our quiet, kind souls taking walks and appreciating nature, organizing their homes, or laughing at a program on TV. We need our entertainers, our go-getters, and our peaceful souls napping in the homes that they love and appreciate. No matter what we do, we need love most of all.

So, for now, on this beautiful weekend morning, I’m going back to making wreaths, birds nests with painted blue eggs, and sitting in a space of love and appreciation. I hope in this loving vibration I might just soothe another hurting heart somewhere, and might just turn the tide of another individual away from hate.

Here are a few tips to be part of the “silent symphony of love”

1. Regularly do something that elevates your spirit

Make it a priority to add something to each day that elevates your spirit. It can be napping under a delicious blanket, helping someone or a cause you love, focusing on the miracle of your coffee being in your hands, and the thousands of beautiful souls who contributed to your loving moment. It can be reading a passage from a book that inspires you, talking a morning walk, or even listening to a piece of music that raises you up. What you choose doesn’t matter. How it makes you feel does.

2. Practice getting intensely present and loving the moment

One of my go-to exercises for re-tuning myself to love is to pick the first thing I see, randomly and start to sweet-talk it. I pick up my pencil and start to appreciate its color, strength, and all the wonderful words I can write with it. I pick up a stone and marvel at the long journey it took from the center of the earth, tumbled by rivers, transported by various means, and now here it is, smooth, cold, and soothing in my hand. I thank it. I take an egg out of the fridge for breakfast and thank the hens that laid it, the farmers that cared enough to provide a beautiful environment for these particular hens, and the absolute perfection of its smooth and beautiful shape. I give thanks for its nourishment and thanks for the nourishment of the love that created it.

No matter what random object I choose, I flow my love and appreciation towards it knowing that first of all, I’ll feel wonderful doing so, and my note in the “silent symphony of love” will become a beautiful one.

3. Intend to be of loving service with your soul

If you get into that space where you are present, breathing, relaxing and surrendered to love, and you start to feel it, simply ask God and your angels, let me be an instrument of your peace. You may find someone randomly popping into your head. You may know them or not. You may feel as if your love is flowing to them or embracing them. Trust. Or you may simply feel the love flowing through you into this world and not even know where it goes. Again, trust. Someone in need of that soothing ripple will receive it.

We DO have purpose and it is a HUGE purpose now. The love we emit, the notes in that “silent symphony of love” are crucial at this time. We’re at a turning point in human history. We’ve been here, collectively as a human race before, in this seeming battle between light and dark. In truth, there is never any real darkness, just light that forgot. And now we, collectively as a human race, are remembering. We want love. We want peace. We want joy.

Although there are many stuck in fear and anger, those of us laboring in love are far more vibrationally powerful. Your love is your purpose right now. Don’t love one thing, one person, one ideology, or one country so much you hate another. Love your thing, person, ideology, or country so much that you radiate love.

I love you. I am grateful for your presence, your light, your willingness to stretch beyond old paradigms of right and wrong, and to sound a powerful note in the "silent, symphony of love." Perhaps we are all releasing the metaphor of the warrior and starting to become beautifully tuned instruments of the Divine – instruments of love.

Have a beautiful week :)

Invocation for Divine Healing, Ascension, & Divine Blessings:

First connect with your Divine Self & 'I Am Presence' and then invoke for yourself and every human being and all the being of Gaia in all dimensions:

I call forth Infinite Blessings & Overlighting Energies of the highest aspects of the Violet Flames that are eternally in action in and through me and all of Gaia and all her beings, healing, transfiguring and transmuting all discordant & misqualified energy back into the Pure Light of God in every moment & raising everyone vibrations !

I call forth Infinite Blessings and Overlighting Energies of the highest aspects of The Creator's Love that awakens & expands my awareness & experiences of all aspects & dimensions of God's Presence & Love within me, and helps me ground & embody these Divine Experiences.
I call forth infinite Blessings & Overlighting Energies of the highest aspects of Unity Consciousness that awakens & expands my experiences with all dimensions of the Creator, and Infinite Blessings and Overlighting Energies that awakens & expands my experiences with Divine Oneness with God's Presence in me and in every person I look at...and in me and in Every Human Being...and in me and in all beings of the inner realms and dimensions of Gaia...and me and in All of Creation,  and helps me ground & embody these divine experiences.
I call forth Infinite Blessings & Overlighting Energies of the highest aspects of Crystalline Rainbow Light from Source that awakens & expands my experiences of all aspects & dimensions of Enlightenment...and of all aspects & dimensions of Wisdom...and of all aspects & dimensions of  Healing...and of all aspects & dimensions of Peace...and of all aspects & dimensions of Joy, & of all aspects & dimensions of Abundance, and helps me ground & embody all of these Divine Experiences.
And as I ground and embody all of these Divine Experiences, I Am also sending the Divine Energies I am feeling with each calling to every human being and Gaia and helping to Overlight every human being and all of Mother Earth for our healing and ascension.


Video - "Multidimensional Rainbow Shield Transmission"



You Chose This Life Because You Are Of The Highest Light - The Strongest Of The Strong - The Federation Of Light Through Blossom Goodchild

There is so much we would like you to keep in mind about all this you are experiencing.

This battle between Light and dark did not just ‘show up’ a few years ago. If this was the case you would find yourselves breezing through this that you have come to do.

This battle was rooted into your Planet eons ago. Those roots are deeply embedded into the very core of what was designed to be a place of Beauty and Extreme Light. A Planet of Goodness/Godliness. For EONS OF TIME has this darkness ruled over you …




Consider how long, how much, how deeply entrenched these darker energies are within everything.

Then consider how YOU … YOU WHO WERE CHOSEN … have to be of the GREATEST POWERFUL LIGHT to remove all this darkness.

Consider that! Not one soul thought this could be done in the blink of an eye.


So many of you are discovering so much of that which is more than uncomfortable to consider …

So much now is being shown … so much of that which one would have thought to be the darkest of dark movie, is proving to be a reality.

Such atrocities. Such unbelievable goings-on by those who ‘took over’ long ago and infiltrated into the very essence of your Planet …






You say you are awake/aware of much …

We ask you to wake up to the KNOWING that you are no weakling. This journey you are on is not for weaklings.


Look at the discoveries of self.

Look at the discoveries of that which ‘self’ has to combat. The more you find out … the more that is exposed … the more you are shocked and abhorred by that which one can do to another.

How deep it goes.

And yet … here YOU are.

Here on your Planet in this momentous time …

This time when a plan devised by The Divine is playing out …

And YOU … YOU … YOU … have the honour of being down here in the very thick of it …

Because YOU … YOU …  YOU … are of the Highest Light and able to do what must be done.

Which at this time … is basically … in KNOWING, to shine the Light from our Being out into the Planet. The roles that we play fall into second place from that initial task.

This, of course, is correct.

Tricky question coming up. Why didn’t this Divine Plan come about a long time ago … before it all got so messy?

Because you are Beings of Free Will. This cannot be taken away from you.

Many new to our conversations would argue that, yet, we have already been there.

Blossom … as unusual as it may seem … this Game that you are in … is, in a sense, a minuscule part of WHAT IS.


Life continues on in all its forms and discoveries of Love itself.

This that you are ‘playing in’ now, is just another unfolding of WHAT IS.

Your Planet Earth is playing out another aspect of Life.

Not a very pretty one.

Not a pretty one at all. Yet, another aspect of Life and the experiencing of.

It is difficult to imagine that there is no end … ever.

So it is … it has to be … that all that presents itself in this continuum of Life itself, is an experiment of what can be. That is ALL it is.

So difficult to accept from our position. Yet, I am sure, in the many lifetimes we have all experienced, we couldn’t accept what was happening to us then, either!

Yet, when not on the Planet, we begged to come back for more. Even knowing what we knew.


We could go deeply into that, for many may contradict, in that, for example,  the last breath of anyone who is being tortured is ‘leaving’ due to an expanding Energy of Love!

Yet, you know as you write that Blossom, that coming from outside of your Earthly embodiment … you know differently.

Oddly enough, I do! Time to go … as usual. Turned out better than I expected. Onwards ever onwards. Until next time my friends … Cheer Ho! In Gratitude … In Loving service… I AM.


Video - "Karmic & Timeline Clearing, Releasing Ancestral Cording Old

Energies" -



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