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The Divinity Codes & The Golden Sun Temple Of Isis

By Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved heart, you are invited to join us for a deep and powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Activation in this beautiful video masterclass on The Divinity Codes & The Golden Sun Temple of Isis.


The New Earth Quantum Healing Activations assist us to expand into New Earth, living fifth dimension and beyond. New Earth is a state of higher dimensional consciousness as well as a very physical reality as we anchor the New Earth Codes into our physical realities. It is the space within and between where our feelings of magic, Love, Presence, Oneness and much more is felt and experienced in connection to all.


It is our be-ing and do-ing, as we experience ourselves as Source Light, as the open hearts in this Golden Age of Light. It is our ascension process of Soul embodiment, with our 3D human/ego aspects ascending and our Higher Selves descending.


In the expansion of our beautiful Soul Light through and into our physical bodies as Quantum Photonic Light, we undergo very deep physical body upgrades as well as DNA activations as we shift from carbon-based to silicon, then crystalline then plasma Light.


We continuously ascend, initially in consciousness and then by bringing/pulling our physical body/Light Body into New Earth, as we rewrite all from within as our Higher Selves and multidimensional Selves. And there are many of us beloved hearts, that are already living our Higher Self aspects upon this sacred earth.


Additionally, we clear the density within the physical body and lower bodies through continuous “ego deaths”. We dissolve and clear and purge, transcend and expand beyond the old cellular memories, traumas, addictions, false beliefs, and judgments. Everything that is not of the Light, all victim/persecutor consciousness, lesser than/better than consciousness, and unconscious behaviour, all comes up for reprogramming, rewriting, collapsing and dissolving, as we leave Old Earth.


This initial stage of awakening is for many very challenging beloved heart. To expand our frequency as the Light of God We Are, as Multidimensional Beings, living from our hearts, in deep trust to our Universe, requires our human/ego aspects to awaken and surrender to our Higher Light. It is the space in which the veils of illusion (amnesia) start to collapse as we shift vibrationally and move from linear to non-linear and it also a very confusing place.


Additionally, our ego will not surrender so easily, which is why we often run parallel timelines of similar frequencies, to continuously awaken and remember, as we experience “many dark nights” of the ego, until we say “no more”.


Our guidance then becomes our Soul Light, our Universe as we move from our head to our heart. This shift in consciousness, frequency and Light requires much “time out” and being in nature, as we adapt our lifestyles to “new” rules as our Christed Light, our future Selves and the Golden Sun’s upon this sacred earth, connected through and into the One Heart to All That Is.


Essentially, we are transcending separation through numerous “ego deaths” going deep into each cell and sub-atomic particle within our body housing these denser frequencies that perpetuate our human miscreation’s, with misaligned feelings, thoughts, and actions, to bring all back into self-love and one of the many tools we can use is the New Earth Quantum Healing Activations.


Quantum Healing in its simplest terms refers to our ability to connect with our Soul and Higher Selves. As Source Light, the witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, we draw to us all we need in any given Now moment for the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence, and Light from the Quantum Field with matching vibrational energy. Every sub-atomic particle within our Multiverse vibrations to God Consciousness through the frequency and energy of sacred geometry, sound, color, numerology, fractal geometry and the like. Distortions are experienced only upon the lower dimensions and played out through free will.


Through the Quantum Field, we can draw upon many of these Soul aligned frequencies as we expand our frequency and Light. Apart from the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High available to assist us, there are many places we travel to, in Soul Consciousness or in our dream state, such as the Crystalline Cities of Light, Inner plane Ashrams, Schools of Learning, Healing Temples, Halls of Light, Universal Akasha and more.


In this beautiful New Earth Quantum Healing Activation, we invite you to expand into the Divinity Codes within, initially through the Golden Sun Temple of Isis as you raise your vibration and with the energy of your Higher Selves, release all that no longer serves you as you deepen into New Earth, and alignment to your Universe.


Video - The Divinity Codes & The Starlight Temple of Isis - New Earth Quantum Healing Activations -





The Divinity Codes are your Purity, your Innocence, your Preciousness, your beautiful Soul Light beloved hearts, anchoring, activating and embodying ever deeper into the Physical Body (Light Body). Additionally, the Divinity Codes are being activated from within as “new Sun Codes” of Crystalline Plasma Diamond Rainbow Light and Christed Light and are further activating through our physical Sun and the process of gentle Sun gazing.  


The Golden Sun Temple of Isis is a beautiful Temple within the Galactic Center, also called the Seat of Isis, existing within a vorticular shaped galactic formation that looks like a pinwheel. Around the Golden Sun Temple of Isis a vortex of stars continuously emerge and spin round the Galactic center. This space energetically is also what we call the Great Central Sun.


In alchemical language, the Center of the Galaxy is also called the Black Sun, or the Invisible Sun. It was the secret Sun of the Eternal Feminine, and with the assistance of Isis and the Overlighting of the Divine Mother, as we expand our loving hearts to the frequency of the Inner Earth Sun, the Sun and then Central Sun, and into this Golden Sun Temple of Isis, we experience the essence of the Divine Mother and being One with the Planets and Stars.


Lady Isis then assists in activating the Golden Sun through our chakras and then from within our Loving Hearts, and as we expand our Soul Light, we align into the ever-present eternal Now moment, Zero Point, utilizing the Golden Sun Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.


The Golden Sun Flower of Life Zero Point Activation is a powerful tool that we use to expand our frequency and consciousness in the knowing that we are our Christed Light.


On the in-breath, we visualize this Golden Sun, Christ Light, from within the center of our heart chakra. As we hold the breath, we visualize numerous hues of Crystalline Plasma Diamond Rainbow Light from within the Loving Heart and on the out-breath, we expand the Golden Sun around the body and energy field.


We do this breath seven times, each time to the count of seven. As we then deepen into Zero Point, through the expansion and feelings of our Loving Heart, we move into activating the Pineal Gland using this same technique.


Further to this, we draw to us the timelines of initiation primarily experienced in ancient Egypt and from here, experience the scrolls of Light through the third eye as well as the 48 symbols of Immortality as we imprint the Flower of Life within the Golden Sun sphere within each cell as well as 54 feet in diameter around us.


Lastly, we deepen into our New Earth Quantum Healing Activation by igniting the Stargate of our Loving Heart and traveling the timelines highest aligned to the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution. Additionally, we observe the denser frequencies, false beliefs and judgments coming up to be purged, collapsed and transcended as we expand into New Earth.


New Earth Quantum Healing Activations is a powerful technique that assists us to observe as the witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am what we are still working with as well as drawing to us the future probable timelines of our Highest Potential through Soul Blueprinting and Light Code/Frequency Activations, as we rewrite our realities as One Heart and through deep surrender to our Universe.


Join us in this powerful Activation beloved hearts, live on Zoom, with myself Anrita Melchizedek and co-host Lauren Galey as we share this beautiful activation and take your questions


The Zoom recording will be available for replay.


Additionally, we invite you to join us for our New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner Training.



Video - Divinity Codes Transmission With Anrita Melchizedek












Let's All Invoke The Violet Flame Of Cosmic Forgiveness 
By Patricia Cota-Robles
As we Birthed this New Year 2023, the Company of Heaven revealed to us that during this twelve-month cycle you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity will be given unique opportunities to develop the latent abilities encoded within our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA.
We are being told that many of these opportunities will involve an Awakening and a shift in our awareness that will be triggered by influxes of Light that will affect every particle and wave of Life on Earth in powerful ways.
We are being told by the Company of Heaven that due to the incredible shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness that have taken place within the hearts and minds of Humanity since the Birth of this decade in 2020, the Light of God flowing through every person’s Heart Flame is pushing more of our obsolete human miscreations to the surface to be Healed than ever before.
Once the thoughtforms for these obsolete human miscreations have been shattered, it is much easier for Humanity to Transmute back into Light the residue from the mutated primal Light substance that formed these distorted patterns. We can easily accomplish this essential cleansing activity of Light by invoking the NEW 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Father-Mother God’s Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness.
We are being asked by the Company of Heaven to join them in an activity of Light during which we will invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of God’s Cosmic Forgiveness that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving. Together, we will Transmute into Light the atomic and subatomic particles and waves of Humanity’s shattered miscreations from the past.
If you have the Heart Call to participate in this powerful opportunity please join with me and Lightworkers around the World now. And we begin.
Video -"A Rare Opportunity To Transmute The Past"
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God. I AM One with the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns. I AM One with the new 5th-Dimensional Silent Watchers for Planet Earth. I AM One with the Legions of Light associated with our Father-Mother God’s 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth.
On this holy day, through the Divine Intervention of these Beings of Light now gathered in the atmosphere of Earth, I invoke from the very Core of Creation the most intensified frequencies of God’s 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving at this time.
Beloved Legions of Light, use this Gift of Cosmic Forgiveness to instantaneously Transmute back into Light every Electron of precious Life energy associated with Humanity’s past miscreations.
Breathe into every person’s Heart Flame the most intensified frequencies of God’s Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness that Universal Law will allow. Blaze the full Divine Momentum of this incomparable frequency of FORGIVENESS in, through and around every Electron of precious Life energy that has ever been misqualified by the Sons and Daughters of God in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown.
Legions of Light, sustain this activity of Cosmic Forgiveness with every newly balanced and elevated Holy Breath Humanity takes. Intensify this Gift of Divine Forgiveness until every Electron of precious Life energy that has been, or ever will be, misqualified by the freewill choices of Humanity is Transmuted back into Light cause, core, effect, record and memory.
I now ACCEPT and KNOW that through this activity of Light these Electrons of precious Life energy from Humanity’s past miscreations are mercifully being Transmuted back into their original perfection.
Now, Beloved Ones, I command through the Presence of God, I AM, that you permanently seal every particle and wave of this Transmuted precious Electronic Light substance in an invincible Forcefield of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love now and forever. And so it is. Beloved I AM That I AM.
Video -Manifesting Mother Earth's New Divine Plan
By Patricia Cota-Robles
The Company of Heaven is affirming that Transfiguring our carbon-based Earthly Bodies into our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies will move into full swing during 2023 and the next few years.
This Transfiguration will be accomplished through the cooperation and the unified efforts of our I AM Presence, our Body Elemental, our Silent Watcher, the Mighty Elohim, the Directors of the Elements and the Elemental Kingdom. Today, the Company of Heaven wants to remind us of a very critical factor in this process of Divine Alchemy.
The aging, disease, degeneration and mortification of the flesh we experience in our Earthly Bodies are a result of our fall from Grace. These painful conditions were never part of God’s original Divine Plan for the Children of Earth.
In the beginning, the plan was that we would evolve through our Earthly experiences using our creative faculties of thought and feeling to become masters of energy, vibration and consciousness, thus becoming Co-Creators with our Father-Mother God.
And this initial plan had us evolving in vehicles of eternal youth, vibrant health and infinite perfection, so that we could learn the lessons of Cocreation without any distractions from our Earthly Bodies.
When we began experimenting with our thoughts and feelings in ways that were not based in Love, the discordant frequencies of vibration we were miscreating began to reflect in our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies as well as on the environment of Earth.
This situation gradually resulted in breaking down the perfect patterns imprinted within the messenger codes in our Twelve Strands of DNA. The intent of these codes was to form the DNA molecules that would be the building blocks for our Earthly Bodies.
Unfortunately, the bombardment of our negativity on these codes caused weak, distorted cellular structures to form which eventually became the aging, disease, deformity, decay and death within our bodies that we now, tragically, accept as a normal part of our life experience.
Through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and Awakening Humanity during the past several years, our Twelve Strands of DNA which became fragmented and dormant after the fall were reactivated. That allowed our I AM Presence to recalibrate those Strands of DNA which, in turn, paved the way in 2019 for our I AM Presence to activate our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA which contain the messenger codes for the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies we will abide in on the New Earth.
In our Ascension process, the time has come for Humanity to reverse the adverse effects of the fall. It is time for us to Transfigure our Earthly Bodies into the perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. In order to accelerate this process, we need to reactive the Core of Purity within every Electron of precious life energy.
The Company of Heaven is now sharing with us information about the significance of the Core of Purity that exists within the Electrons that form our Earthly Bodies and every other facet of Life on Earth. This Sacred Knowledge is a key factor in the Divine Mission we are all being Called to Cocreate in 2023.
Purity is at the Heart of all Creation, and it is an extremely important quality that we must learn to utilize in our physical Transfiguration process. As we understand more about the Divine Quality of Purity, we realize how important it is for us to use this Gift continually in our daily life experiences.
For instance, PURITY is a living Breathing pulsation within the core of every Electron of energy evolving on Earth. Every facet of life is comprised of intelligent Electrons rotating around the central core of the atom. The atom is a miniature Universe in itself and is the building block of ALL physical manifestation, including our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.
Video - Expanding The Core Of Purity In The Electrons
The frequency of Purity at the core of every Electron vibrates so rapidly that no discord can enter into it or contaminate its radiance. If we could stop one Electron of energy as it passes through the Universe, we would see that within the Electron is contained the complete Nature of God: all of God’s Power, all of God’s Majesty, all of God’s Divinity. Every single Electron contains within the central Core of Purity, the totality of God’s Perfection.
Each Electron is an intelligent Life Force. As it is projected forth from the Heart of God, it joyously and eagerly awaits the opportunity to serve Life and to expand God’s Infinite Light in the world of form.
Each second, trillions and trillions of tiny Electrons flow from the Source of ALL That Is through our I AM Presence and into the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our Heart.
We then send the Electrons into the World qualified with our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. The Core of Purity in the Electrons themselves cannot be contaminated with our destructive behavior.
The misqualification occurs when we cloak the electrons in vibrations that are not based in Love. Every form of pain and suffering is the result of Humanity, in some time frame or dimension either known or unknown, placing a cloak of shadow around the Electrons when we send them forth through our negative thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
When we truly understand this process, we realize that regardless of how bad our life situation seems or how bad our physical condition is, Purity and God’s Perfection are STILL pulsating in the Core of Purity in every Electron manifesting as those painful experiences. Within its Core of Purity every Electron is waiting even NOW to be released from its cloak of darkness, so it can manifest the perfection of God’s original Divine Plan.
Remember, every Electron is an intelligent form of Life that will respond to the command of our I AM Presence. Everything existing in our lives is comprised of Electrons, whether we’re talking about a person, a place, a condition or a thing.
The Electrons that make up our life experiences are reflecting our Consciousness. These tiny Beings of Light came forth from the Heart of God and answered the Call to obey the magnetic pull of our I AM Presence and our Heart Flame. Once the Electrons entered our Heart Flame, we had the free will to qualify them with any thoughts or feelings we chose.
Since these tiny Light Beings must obey the Divinity in our Heart Flames, we have the ability to speak directly to them and to command through the Power of God—I AM—that they continuously and permanently expand the Flame of Purity pulsating at their very core.
Today, the Company of Heaven will guide us through an activity of Light on behalf of the precious Electrons. If you have the Heart Call, please join with me and the Company of Heaven now. And we begin.
Video -Energy Extraction Meditation: Extracting Toxic Energies From The Body & Aura -
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God. I AM also One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth.
In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, and through the full power of the I AM Presence and the Threefold Flame pulsating in every Heart, I speak directly to the Divine Intelligence within every Electron of precious Life energy existing in my Earthly Bodies and the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.
Blessed Electrons, through the Power of God, I AM, I COMMAND that the Flame of Purity in the central core of your Being now EXPAND, EXPAND, and EXPAND continuously and permanently.
Through the power of God, I AM, I direct the Crystalline-white Flame of Purity to cast off any shadows cloaking the Electrons within my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and the Electrons within the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.
Sacred Flame of Purity, cast all of these shadows into the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of God’s Cosmic Forgiveness. Instantly TRANSFIGURE every shadow back into its original perfection. Raise every rate of vibration which is causing any form of limitation in my life or in the World into the Heart-based frequencies of the New Earth.
As the Flame of Purity quickens the vibratory rate of each Electron, I witness every cloak of darkness being cast into the Violet Flame. All shadows created by Humanity’s past misuse of our precious Gift of Life are being instantly TRANSFIGURED into Light.
From this moment forth, through the Grace of God and my I AM Presence, I AM experiencing the blazing White Light of Purity continuously and permanently expanding, expanding and expanding within the Core of Purity in every Electron of precious Life energy on Earth.
I ACCEPT and KNOW that through the command of my I AM Presence, this purification is being God Victoriously accomplished through all dimensions, all timeframes and all levels of Consciousness. 
And so it is. And so I Am. Beloved I AM Presence. Beloved I Am Presence. Beloved I Am Presence that I AM !
Dear One, allow this Sacred Knowledge to inspire your Lightwork. Contemplate what a blessing the Flame of Purity is for the precious Electrons in your Earthly Bodies and every other facet of Life on Earth.
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446, Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-347-5440
Video - Diamond White-Violet Fire Transmission: Clearing Old Karmic Patterns & Programs -





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