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Soothing Aid To Ascension By Natalie Glasson &

The Venus Beings


It is a delight to be in your presence today. We are the collective energy of beings from Venus. We share with you our love, our peace and connection. We wish to be of service to you in your current journey of ascension and therefore, we bring forth information to support you.
You are moving through your own personal ascension process. You are also moving through an ascension process with all beings upon the earth. It is as if you are experiencing two journeys at the same time and yet these journeys interlink and appear as one.
You can recognise this by asking those around you about their own ascension journey and what they are experiencing in this current moment. You can recognise the similarities and the differences as well.
The Universe of the Creator sends forth energy waves constantly to direct you personally, and as a collective on the earth, to move forward, to grow, to expand, to experience your greater oneness and connection with the Creator, to develop your ascension process.
It is always valuable to understand the energies and the waves of light that come forth. Your body and your being automatically connect with some of these and download them into your being, however, some energies need you to focus upon them in order for connection to be made, or at least be aware of them.
We, the Venus Beings, wish to share an energy wave that is flowing forth. It is of a pink and violet colour. It holds a deep sense of love and cleansing for letting go.
It speaks of acknowledging anything in your reality that needs to be let go/released, and in achieving this, the love within you will grow far greater than you have ever experienced before.
Sometimes there can be fear in letting go of that which no longer serves you and you wish to keep close to you. But you allow yourself to achieve this and let go, the love you experience is far greater because the love is given freedom within your being to be expressed and experienced more fully.
The challenging aspect can be to realize what needs to be let go. What are you holding on to too tightly that actually is not of service to you? You can ask yourself…
Video Link: Soothing Aid To Ascension By The Venus Beings
What am I holding on to, maybe too tightly than I should be, and does this offer me a service? What am I getting out of or receiving by holding on too tightly? What would happen if I was to let go of my grip, of whatever it is I am holding on to, and acknowledge that there is love within my being waiting to unfold?
Many beings upon the earth are holding on to old ways, old practices and experiences of the past – ways of thinking, even seeing or doing.
As your energy within you is shifting and the energy around you is shifting, you have new areas of anchoring…new things that you can hold on to as tightly as you wish…and therefore there are aspects of the past – habits/thoughts – that actually do not have a place in your current reality and no longer serve you.
Now to help you with the process of letting go: we wish for you to imagine that you are holding on to something very tightly with your hands, with your mind, with your heart.
We invite you to inhale deeply, and exhale deeply, and imagine that you let go. You can even have your hands/fists clenched really tightly, as you think about that which you are holding on to that no longer serves you.
As you inhale, you tighten your hands even more. As you exhale, you allow them to relax. As you continue to breathe deeply, you allow your hands to relax, and relax…all the muscles…with an open palm. This is a symbol of letting go of that tight grip.
You can imagine that with each breath you exhale, you are exhaling love and it’s like a loving wind that gently carries away all that is no longer needed.
It’s not so much that you’re disconnecting or you’re separating yourself because, in many ways, that cannot take place. It is more so that you are simply allowing it to be carried away, in love, as if it’s no longer planted or rooted into your being or your reality.
Then allow yourself to recognise the love that is within your being and allow it to grow, to fill your entire being. Let it grow in a way that serves you. It will grow as guided from within your being.
You will notice the lift, the freedom. This will be immensely soothing because holding onto anything that is no longer serving you is very stressful; it creates tension to hold on to things that actually are no longer grounded or necessary. Notice how your entire being is soothed by the process.
When you allow yourself to connect with the energy wave of pink and violet that is coming forth, when you ask to sit within its energy, and have it flow over and through your being, you will notice its beauty as a Divine Feminine Energy.
When you sit in its space, there are Goddess beings dancing in the pink and violet light – dancing in celebration, in circles…around and around…celebrating love, celebrating the growth and the anchoring of love.
There is also the vibration of the Unicorn Kingdom – of beauty, of grace, of clarity, brightness of light and truth. The angelic vibrations of freedom and expansion are also present.
Sitting within this pink and violet ascension wave is immensely soothing on your nervous system, and in fact, on your entire being. It resets your being; regenerates, rejuvenates. It allows you to relax deeper into your truth, into that Creator presence within your being.
We, the Venus Beings, invite you to sit in this presence of pink and violet light, to enjoy its presence in grounding and expanding greater love within your being, and to feel…to experience fully…the soothing impact upon your being, on all levels of your being.
We Are The Venus Beings. We Thank You.
Video Link: Strong Binaural Healing Mantra -


Just listening to this for 5 minutes helped awaken my Kundalini and helped me connect with God's Healing Light. Check it Out!

Sending to everyone God's Infinite Blessings of Healing and spiritual upliftment leading to Unity Consciousness.










Solar Eclipse Song By Mei-Ian

It is with all my love I share with you this experience for the Total Solar Eclipse. This particular song was especially potent as I was receiving it.

When you listen, I invite you to fully let go and receive exactly what it is your soul has been asking for.

We are in a very special time on the planet right now where great change is occurring - on an individual level as well as collective - and we have a special opportunity right now for growth, expansion, and transformation.

Sending you so much love Soul Family, I'm grateful I get to be on this journey with you.

All my love,







Lightgrid Blessings from the White Light Creatrix at the Wesak Full Moon 2024


My dearly beloved Lightgrid family,


I wish you all a most blessed WESAK FULL MOON and if you happen to have time in one hour from NOW, you are very much welcome to our ZOOM Call embarassed


Next call: M8nday, 6 May, one hour earlier, that is around the time of NOW.


ZOOM link upon reply.


And in case that you have missed the latest video with the invitation, here's the link:

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Sonja Myriel RAouine 


12434583263?profile=RESIZE_710xVideo Link: Lightgrid Blessings from the White Light Creatrix at the Wesak Full Moon 2024 -










Thank all of you beautiful people for wishing me a happy birthday on April 13.


And I send to all of You, all well as all members of Lightgrid God's Infinite Blessings that help manifest in the lives of Everyone Divine Peace and Freedom with Divine Healing, Love, Joy, Bliss, & Abundance.






Clear Your Karmic Board -Light Language For Karmic Clearing By Jamie Ong

We're experiencing some pretty turbulent times and instability in the field now.

If you're going through a challenging time, I'm here with you as I'm experiencing my own.

But remember, you are transmuting not just your own shadows, healing not just your own traumas, for you are also transmuting and healing Collective and ancestral wounds and trauma.

And you chose this path, especially if you identify as a Starseed or Hybrid

And you are constantly shifting between 2 density consciousness - the 3D and the 5D, for you are the bridge between these 2 realms of consciousness.

When you drop back into the 3D and feel all the pain and limitations, remember that you are using your body to transmute and ascend into 5D using the Violet Flame - the Light of God.

And all of the fear, shame, guilt, pain, etc. you are feeling right now is NOT just your own, for it may include trauma from your ancestors, past lives, or the world's collective consciousness.

You are here to feel it so you can transmute it. You chose this role, but you don’t have to feel and spiral into all of this.

Your body IS the instrument, the Light of God is the technology.

Use the Great Compassionate Light of God to transform the discordant energy that is inside of you and around you.

Bring the Violet Flames into the bound up discordant energy, shifting it into Pure Divine Light and send it back out into the Universe for creation.

Thank you for your service to humanity.

I hope that this transmission in my video below will give you the strength, courage, and light to come back to your Truth. Come back to your Essence. Come home to yourself.
You have everything you need to go through this, to heal from this, to transmute this darkness into love and light.
Remember the light within you. It is ALWAYS there. Find that light and follow that light. In these turbulent times, you are transmuting not just your own shadows, you are not just healing your own traumas. You are transmuting and healing Collective and ancestral wounds and trauma.
Especially if you identify with a Starseed, you chose this path that is challenging in this time. Remember that a lot of the fear, shame, guilt, pain, etc. you are feeling right now is NOT your own.
You are here to feel it so you can transmute it. You chose this role, but you don’t have to feel and spiral into all of this. This is not you. Use your power to transmute this into light.
With Divine Love & Light,

🔥Purification Circle - 24th & 30th April🔥
What is Light Language? Light Language in essence is the divine expression of energy moving through. It is not meant to be understood by the mind, it is meant to be felt and experienced by the heart and soul.
You can see them as sacred geometries and symbols that are being encoded into your field in the form of sound vibrations, drawings, and/or movements.
Video Link: Light Language For Karmic Board Clearing






The 5 Principles Of Co-Creation By Solara An-Ra & The Pleiadian Councils Of Light
🌈 The very happiest of Equinoxes dearest Light Tribe of Gaia!

I offer here a gift from the Pleiadian Councils of Light ... as usual they are delightfully playful - and at the same time their guidance is truly profound. Love and thank you thank you for the ongoing presence and grace of the Star People in our lives! 🙏

 ✨Five Principles of Co-Creation ✨

The Pleiadian Councils of Light

Greetings of love dearest people of Gaia! We are feeling into this blessed now-moment as the March Equinox portal opens - and we notice that, although you Awakeners know full-well that you are in charge of your own reality, you still sometimes lose faith in your ability to manifest that for which your heart longs! And so we are going to play a mnemonic game with you - as you know, we Pleiadians like to both teach and learn through games.

Our games entertain our children, certainly – but they are not only for their benefit, for we like to have fun while we are teaching! This is a principle that will aid the new schools that are manifesting on your planet – your teachers must check in to see if they are enjoying a lesson as much as the children, for all aspects of wisdom transmission should be deeply nourishing.

It is also important that the elders are brought into the classroom, and that the parents are with the children when the wise elders are passing on their wisdom. All 3 generations must learn from each other - that is what makes for a healthy society. And now we will speak of the art of co-creation, which you may also call ✨Magic Manifestation.✨

The key principle for effective manifestation is


We will divide the word into its five letters - which begin five words - which in turn describe five essential principle for effective manifestation.


You could compare this to remembering the sequential colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – by memorising the sentence: “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.”


This is a trick that many of you were taught as children, is this not so? The mnemonic we offer you here, however, has more depth and meaning within its design.

✨F – for Free Will
✨A – for Action
✨I – for Imagination
✨T – for Trust … and last but not least
✨H – for Harmony.

Video Link: New Earth Light Code Stabilization & Energy Upgrade By Solara An-Ra -


And so we begin.

✨ F is for FREE WILL. An essential part of the Grand Experiment was to grant human beings absolute freedom to make their own choices at any and all stages of their lives.


The essential point here is that you are in charge - of every aspect of your lives! No other person, group, organisation or indeed government has any control over your personal reality, other than you allow it. Claim your divine sovereignty dear ones!


Stop whinging about what anyone else has done or is doing and make your own, individual, free will choices that are in integrity and also feel exciting and stimulating - and this is not possible unless you embrace change!

✨ A is for ACTION. No wonderful thing can be manifest in your life without you taking action. Whether that is in the form of affirmations, proclaimed joyfully every day, or writing a plan with the steps needed to realise a dream - steps must be taken!


Action is activated through your WILL - your solar plexus chakra – which in many of you is operating at the bare minimum power because of procrastination and laziness. Initiation onto your Path of Light & Purpose comes from the very first move on your part. Get off the sofa!

✨ I is for IMAGINATION. The power of your ability to visualise what you desire is a sacred key in the manifestation of your dreams. It is a fifth dimensional skill that is re-birthed as a Way of Power on your planet.


Visualise what you desire as if it is already manifested - and it will thereby be birthed in the etheric world. You have permission to lay in the bath and day-dream, dear ones! This is not what we mean by laziness, for when your frequency is high and you are visualising the highest possible outcome of what you desire, it is always productive.

✨ T is for TRUST, which is equal to having faith. Trust in yourself; trust that the unfolding of your life has purpose; trust in your power to change the world!


Let go of the insecurity that would lead you to believe that you are not worthy of the best. Allow the emotions of curiosity, excitement and delighted anticipation to dissolve fear and resistance to change.


Move into trust, right here, right now, that you are in the perfect place, in the perfect body, at the perfect time, receiving the perfect guidance needed for your personal expansion.

✨ H is for HARMONY. It is your free-will choice, in every given moment, to choose peace over conflict and drama. Life invariably has it's highs and lows, for duality is ever present. But when you step away from drama, so that a bird's eye view is attained, it allows for the grander perspective wherein harmony may reign. Choosing love, kindness & cooperation in your thoughts, words and actions always leads to peace within yourself and harmony for mankind.

The 5 principles of co-creation will assist you in keeping track of your progress on a daily basis – to check if you are implementing all 5 in your daily lives. If you check at the close of each day for evidence of the principles in action in your everyday life, you will very rapidly see where you are in the flow and where you are stuck.


Without judgement or self-criticism around the areas where you may be blocked, simply pay attention and make small steps to self-correct – choosing always joy over pain.

We will close by elaborating on the term Co-creation. This is an expression that refers to a collaboration between two or more different teams or individuals.


When we use it in the context of birthing the New Earth, it implies collaboration between all parties concerned – firstly, between you, the human race – and your planet, the conscious being Gaia.


Secondly between humanity and the plethora of Star Beings who are playing an integral role in your evolution and assisting you to achieve your goal.


And thirdly, between you as an individual – and your Soul-Star Family in the higher dimensions and on the planet, with whom you are in permanent connection, consciously or unconsciously.

Really feel into this dear people of Terra – feel into the idea we are presenting here, that your role of joyful service is only truly activated when you stop trying to do it on your own. You cannot do it alone!


Through all dimensions and universes, it is known that at the time of transition, the people of Terra will remember the importance of working together as a tribe in order to co-create your chosen reality.


As your consciousness opens to see the bigger picture, you recognise that the most important decisions you make concern not only what humanity does, but also what thoughts and beliefs are needed to propel humanity into the New Earth timeline.

You, the Awakeners, are in each other’s energy as you open your consciousness into the new reality. It is a natural result of this that larger and larger groups of Star-Soul Family come together, whether in person or online. Take heed of this and make the effort to join others in these years of the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth.


All of you will find yourselves shifting away from personal evolution into this collective birthing – for this is the moment where it is natural for you to do this! It is a spontaneous occurrence as your consciousness expands. We love you, dear Earthlings. We are with you on this journey - never for a moment doubt it! Namaste.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

From Solara: You may have spotted a reference in the above channelling to my new book: Rainbow Bridge to New Earth. For those of you patiently awaiting its publication, more patience is needed!


When they gave me the mission last October, they led me to believe it would be easy-peasy. Instead, it has led me down a couple of rabbit holes - but I have re-emerged triumphant!


Of COURSE birthing a channelled book was going to be a re-birthing for ME, how could it not be? I am very grateful for the twists and turns it has led me through - I needed a spiritual kick up the butt to be honest! Challenges always lead us forwards and upwards - when we embrace change and trust in synchronicities.

It's coming, slowly slowly! I hesitate to promise a date second-time around but I can say with confidence that it WILL be manifested in this half of 2024!

With love love love as always,

✨Solara An-Ra✨

Magic Weaver & Frequency Keeper for Gaia


Video Link: Pleiadian Star Mothers 12 Strand DNA Activation By Solara An-Ra -












The Secret of Vitality” by Paramahansa Yogananda

Dear Friend, 

Do you want to experience more vitality? We all do. To do so, we may make adjustments to what we eat, how much relaxation we get, or how we perform various activities and pursue our dreams with increased enthusiasm and determination. And we can see the benefit of these in our energy and outlook.  


But Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings place the highest emphasis on how tremendously more full of life and energy our days would become if we consciously connected with the source of vitality hiding behind the scenes of the drama of life.  


“Whether man acknowledges God or not,” Sri Daya Mata, third president of SRF, once said, “the truth is that our very existence from moment to moment depends on the life and vitality and intelligence that constantly flows from the unseen Divine Source.”  


And she has pointed out (see link to SRF blog below) that youthfulness, which is so often considered an evanescent and outward state, “is a vitality of mind and spirit that radiates from within — a joy born of feeling our deep inner connection with God’s eternal power and bliss.”  


So we hope you can put this newsletter to use to experience greater and greater vitality — absorbing wisdom and practicing simple yet powerful techniques from Paramahansaji to connect with the Source of all life.  

From the talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda:


When you see from a hilltop how beautiful are the twinkling lights of a city, you forget that it is the dynamo that is providing the electricity to illumine the bulbs.


So when you see the sparkling vitality of human beings, but you do not know what is enlivening them, then you are spiritually blind.


That Power, even though unseen, is very evident. It is all the time playing hide-and-seek behind our thoughts.

 [The body] is kept dancing with life by forces derived from external sources (food, oxygen, and sunshine); and by vitality (prana) derived from the internal source — Cosmic Consciousness.


Without the life forces and consciousness from the inner soul source, the external sources of bodily energy are of no avail in maintaining life in the body.

God made us angels of energy, encased in solids — currents of life dazzling through a material bulb of flesh.

 But through concentration on the frailties and fragility of the body bulb, we have forgotten how to feel the immortal, indestructible properties of the eternal life energy within the flesh.


The system of Energization Exercises, which I discovered and developed in 1916, is a most beneficial, simple, and nonstrenuous method for recharging the body consciously with life-giving prana. This stimulation and electrification of the tissues, cells, and blood helps to immunize them against disease.

Proper breathing is so important to keep your blood charged with vitality….Learn and practice this method:

First, throw out the breath with a strong double exhalation (one short and one long breath). Then, inhale in a double inhalation (one short and one long breath), filling the lungs as full as is comfortable. Hold the air in the lungs for a few seconds, allowing the oxygen to be fully absorbed and converted into prana.


Then repeat the double exhalation, followed by the double inhalation. Practice this method in the fresh air 30 times in the morning and 30 times at night. It is very simple. You will be healthier than ever if you follow this. This exercise brings in a great deal of extra life force; and also decarbonizes your blood, promoting calmness.


Learn to perform all your duties with deepest happiness, with courageous cheerfulness welling up within you. Then you will feel a flood of vitality surge through your entire body as you go about your daily activities.


This great law some know, but few put into practice: Continuously think that your body is full of vitality, especially at times when it seems weak, and you will feel strength percolating into your body from the mind. You will start to open a new, secret, invisible source of self-vitalization apart from the external material sources of food, air, and sunlight.


If you are conscious of the Source of this life, you will know how to draw continuously on its sustaining power.…This Essence of life is unknown to millions, and yet they are always using that power of God. Why not be conscious of that Power?


Feel that you are charged with the creative, life-sustaining energy of God. Feel that the everlasting consciousness of God is manifesting in your body, erasing the mortal consciousness of past failures, fear, disease, old age.


Repeat this thought with deep attention: “Father, Thou art present in my body, in my mind, in my soul. I am made in Thine image. Bless my body, mind, and soul, that they shine with Thine everlasting youth, power, immortality, and joy.”


To learn more about how to suffuse your life with greater energy and about the system of Energization Exercises that Paramahansaji mentions above, we invite you to read “The Secret of Vitality,” excerpts from the book The Divine Romance.

Video Link: Drawing Divine Energy From Our Oneness With God





The Divine Secret of Maintaining Vitality” by Paramahansa Yogananda

In his books and Lessons, Paramahansaji shows how each of us can learn to maintain tremendous vitality in our bodies and minds — through wise use of both external physical sources of energy (proper diet, right breathing, sufficient sunshine) as well as internal sources (the divine life forces and consciousness flowing from the soul and Spirit).


He speaks of these principles in the following excerpts from “How to Work Without Fatigue,” a talk in the second volume of Collected Talks and Essays by Paramahansa Yogananda, The Divine Romance.


Food is only a secondary source of energy supply. The greatest flow of energy into the body comes from the intelligent cosmic energy that is all around the body and omnipresent in the universe….


It takes hours for the body to convert [solid] food into energy, but anything that stimulates your will generates energy instantly.


The system of Energization Exercises that Self-Realization Fellowship teaches is based on the principle of using will to draw energy from the cosmic source, and to distribute that energy by will to the trillions of cells in the body.


Energy is continually wasted in useless activities, unrestrained emotions, and improper living habits. When you are at peace you use little energy, but when you are angry or hateful or otherwise emotional, you use a great deal of energy. Proper care is necessary in operating a delicate machine; the same consideration ought to apply in using the body-machine….


The secret of vitality, therefore, is to conserve the energy you have and to bring new energy into the body by will power. How?


First, you must act willingly. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing willingly. When you work willingly, you have more energy because you not only draw upon the reserves in the brain, but also attract a greater flow of cosmic energy into the body….


We draw most of the current for our actions from the physical supply of the body battery — energy distilled from food, oxygen, and sunshine. We don’t draw enough energy from the invisible cosmic source, through the conscious use of will.

Will and Energy Go Hand-in-Hand


There is a difference between consciously applied will and imagination. Imagination is a conception of something that one desires to manifest.


By imagining day and night that you are feeling more vitality, you will gain some strength, because imagination requires at least a small degree of will. By contrast, when one wills vitality, the energy is actually there at once.


Suppose you are angered and strike at someone violently; the will, stimulated by emotion, draws energy for that action; but immediately afterwards the energy is cut off, and your vitality is depleted.


But if in a positive way you continuously will energy into your body and apply the principle of the Self-Realization Energization Exercises, conscious life-force control, you can draw, by the use of will power, unlimited energy from the cosmic source.


Since the body is simply a cluster of cells, if it lacks energy and you thus energize the whole body with will, those cells are recharged instantly and continuously. Will is the switch that lets more energy into the body from the divine source.


Will is thus a potent factor in maintaining youth and vigor. If you convince yourself you are old, the will becomes paralyzed and you do become old.


Never say you are tired; it paralyzes the will and then you are tired. Say, “My body needs rest.” The body must not be allowed to dictate its limitations to your soul. The soul must rule the body, because the soul is neither caused by nor dependent on the body. In the soul’s will lies all power.


God willed, and there was light — the cosmic creative energy that condensed into the heavens, into our bodies, and all other forms.


Will is light, for light was the first manifestation of God’s will. And He saw that this light, or electrical energy, was a satisfactory unit out of which life forms could be created.


The scientist ponders whether matter is light or whether light is matter. Light came first, and constitutes the essential structure of matter.


Therefore, we must realize that energy and will go together. It is a very simple formula. We have been so conditioned to the idea that energy comes only from material sources, that we fail to believe in and draw upon the cosmic source, which responds instantly to will.


If you learn the Self-Realization method by which you use your will to draw energy directly from the boundless cosmic source, you will not suffer from fatigue anymore.

To learn Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF Energization Exercises and the complete science of meditation taught as part of the Kriya Yoga path, we invite you to read about and consider applying for the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons — a comprehensive home-study course from Paramahansaji that shares his in-depth “how-to-live” teachings for creating vitality and maximum well-being of body, mind, and soul.


“Through gradual and regular increase of the simple and foolproof methods of Kriya Yoga,” he wrote in Autobiography of a Yogi, “man’s body becomes astrally transformed day by day, and is finally fitted to express the infinite potentials of cosmic energy.”

Video Link: A Beginner's Meditation





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