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Planetary Grids

Great resource for the Planetary Grids

Download the .kmz file and you can see the grids on Earth.

"Physics has found no straight lines. Instead, the physical universe consists of only waves undulating back and forth, allowing for corrections and balance."

- Buckminster Fuller (Discoverer of Icosahedral Great Circle Set)

Notice that there are yin and yang lines and vortexes on Earth. Yin is the receptive principle and Yang in the creative principle. A yin vortex has a likelihood of being a portal to another dimension (like the Bermuda Triangle), while a yang vortex has a likelihood of being a portal from another dimension (Great Pyramids of Giza). If you are not near a vortex, perhaps you are near a yin or yang line which means those areas are strong for either receiving or creating. 

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  • Dear Brother Chris Comish,

    Thanks a lot for the link.

    I will see afterwards...

    I Am Grateful,


  • Pyramids (like Giza pyramids) and Diamonds (like Merkabah) attract spirals of Spirit. Pyramids are placed at Yang vortexes because those are portals from Spirit to Earth.

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