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We have chosen today because it is between Good Friday and Easter. In the symbolism of the death process, this would be the time of the Bardo.The Bardo is the appearance of all of your heart's beliefs being seen andshed as you rise to the light. The light is the Christ heart of God that is what you are.

So tonight is to be the death of the human self. The shedding of the ego identity, the transformation (or shedding) of the old heart's beliefs - and the concept of fear altogether (no such thing can exist in the heart of God) and the surrender into who you are. Surrender because only a complete letting go will accomplish the Resurrection. I had to do this - shedding everything that had gripped my heart on the cross, surrendering it to God. All of it.

So I ask you all to call on me. Let me walk you through these steps of the Passion. I ask you then to each begin the passionate surrender of your ego identity, your mind and most of all of fear in any guise. Any guise, beloved heart. Even in its subtleties.

Then when this is done and you can each feel it, I shall take you each to "stand before God." To remember in the deepest way why God created you and also why you are here with humanity.

Then comes the surrender. Give God your life. God IS your life already. It's just remembering this. Here is what I want you to realize about surrender. First, God is the Resurrection. Release the false and the Real, the truth is there. Release the little will and God's Will IS your life. Because God is who you are.

God "resurrected" me. I did nothing of myself. All I did, in the dark despair of the moment on the cross, when I experienced all the anguish of humanity (from the belief in being separate from God) was find God and love Him/Her.

Cling to the light with every ounce of my strength. Follow it through the corridors of human darkness. All the streams of heart's beliefs in anti-Love and abandonment pulled at me from everywhere, every angle and energy.

But I clung to God until the light became a greater light and greater. Then I threw myself into the light and said, "God, I am at your mercy. Give them back their Love, God. I can't do it." And in that moment of surrender, the reconnection was made.

What you will feel when you fully surrender, first, is great relief. You don't have to mind the details or protect yourself from anything. Then you will feel Joy. Joy because you know your life is perfect. Perfect in God's hands. Perfectly centered in the eternal Now. Perfectly transparent to the Love we all are.

Only the ego makes you wrong. First it takes you away from the center where your connection to the Creator is alive, and then it make you feel really bad because you cannot stay centered. This is the game it plays.

Now that you have released the ego, you never move from oneness. Then God is living life as you. You are the center, God's heart. And therefore every moment is perfect because it comes from highest Love.

Joy in every moment, exquisite joy, excitement at being alive in God, interwoven with your SoulMate. This is the surrendered life. In surrender you reclaim your place as Christ. Don't put it off.

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  • And Happy & Blessed Easter to yo and your family as well Chris.


  • Thank you Steve. Happy Easter brother. All my love.

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