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  • Read prerequisite ,,most of Attu and sessions needs ,you must recieve master level .

  • In short ,you can receive  at any time ,if you disturbed ,then just say receiving lines in manual . You may feel tingling or energy while or after or after 2,3 days .Or will nothing.

    Requirements * drink more water is must 2,3 days continue 

  •       A Reiki Practitioner can send an attunement or healing session with the Intention that the receiver(s) can call it and receive any time they want. The receivers can then receive it at any time they prefer.

          I have done this regularly. My recipients would each receive it (every day) at the times they had specified, regardless of when I did the session. On some days, they would call in the session at different times instead, and they still received it.

         It is simply done via intention. Nothing more to it. No other requirements.

        There was a difference though... Let's say I sent 1 hour of healing. Those who received it "live", received it over 1 hour. But those who would receive it at a different time, did not take 1 hour to completely receive it. For eg., some would receive it completely in 40 minutes. This varied with the person. Depending upon their level, they took different times to completely receive it.

         The Reiki Practitioner can also set intentions when sending that the receiver only receive it when it is safe for them. Some people start to feel sleepy when they receive reiki or other energy. So, what if someone is driving or operating a dangerous equipment and the Reiki session starts?!!
          Again, this is something I have tested successfully.

  • Ahmad, I recommend reading this thread

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