Hello all,

I would like to know whether it is possible to attune someone distantly to Usui Reiki just by intent? So not by drawing the symbols, but just by stating with intent "... (name of person) is now being attuned to Usui Reiki level I (or II or master)" or using a chiball with this intent.



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Yes,i have done this myself using just my intent to send reiki level one to someone creating a chi ball and it was very well received and integrated by the recipient : )



Thanks for your reply Nightfox!



yes , ive done thid trhu intent using a chiball...it was recieved with all the bells and whistles...NASTAME

It ALWAYS is your just intention that does it - the rest is just theatrics.



I agree Doug. However, I use the phrase paraphanlia for the soul. It's not my phrase I took it from David Simon cofounder of the chopra center. Doug is right just as David is, just theractics, if it helps you though that's good, anything that gives you "power". Of corse I mean love and light power. Anything that helps you feel the magic of the universe. Just believing is the real magic ingredient. Namaste

Thank you Leo and Doug!

I am very happy to read you have good experiences with this and my intention is all that is needed. I will go ahead and attune my friend :-)



I am a Reiki Master as well as do many other healing practices. I like to visualize the person and hold that vision between my hands. I blow, blue, the breath of life into my hands and the person and send the healing thoughts. Since, I personally, love HART, I draw harth with my third eye in my hands on the person and blow the blue light gently with thoughts of healing and love. It is amazing how people will contact me later and tell me that they feel so much better, or are well. I believe, each one of us, as individuals, can create our own way of sending the energy. A study in Quantum Physics has shown that just sending thoughts of healing energy heals better than touch therapy. Intent is so amazing and to follow through with pure energy of your thoughts is like electricity. It is nice that you care about people are are willing to share that positive energy. Bless you.

Thank you so much for sharing Rhonda! This helps me a lot!



Thanks Grant! 

Love and Light to you


Hi Louise. I have attuned others using Chi Balls, and have BEEN attuned by both intent and Chi Ball, so my answer is yes.

Thanks Brian!

Love and Light to you


Thanks Alain!

And it doesn't matter that it's an old question, people can still learn from it now.




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