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  • Steven, I added her channel to my You Tube featured channels. You are on there too! Love sharing the Light together. It has been an incredible journey to share this community with all of you. Namaste. 

  • The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest. It is associated with love, compassion, joy, peace, understanding, and self-worth. When this chakra is open, you feel calm, peaceful, balanced, and happy. If it is closed, you may experience anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, depression, guilt, shame, jealousy, resentment, and many other negative emotions. Chinese Horoscope 2023

  • 1. Heart Chakra Healing Meditation With Angel
    This meditation is designed to help heal any heart issues you may have. You can use this meditation whenever you need some healing love and guidance.
    2. Heart Chakra Healing Meditations
    The heart chakra is located at the center of our chest area. It is considered to be the center of our emotions and feelings. When we feel negative emotions, they tend to affect our heart chakras. If you want to clear out negativity from your heart, then this meditation is perfect for you.
    3. Heart Chakra Healing Angel
    When you do this meditation, you will get a message from an angel who will guide you through the entire process. He/she will give you advice about how to deal with your emotional problems.
    4. Heart Chakra Healing Energy
    You will be guided through a visualization exercise where you will receive healing energy from angels. You will be able to cleanse your heart chakra and remove any blockages.
    5. Heart Chakra Healing Prayer
    In this prayer, you will ask God to help you heal your heart chakra. You will also thank him for his blessings and ask him to continue to bless you.
    6. Heart Chakra Healing Mantra
    A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that helps you focus your mind and achieve certain goals. In this case, you will use a mantra to help you heal your emotional problems.
    7. Heart Chakra Healing Crystals
    Crystals are natural stones that have been formed under extreme pressure. They are often used for healing purposes. You can use crystals to help heal your heart chakra and release any negative energies.

  • Here are seven methods for balancing and opening your heart chakra. #1: Meditation on the heart chakra. You can improve your energy flow by meditating. Check Out 444 angel number

  • Thanks Chris. Melanie Beckler and Natalie Glasson bring us all infinite blessings with their meditations that they channel for us. Blessings to you too Chris.

  • Beautiful. Blessings Steven.

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