Free Energy Clearing Followed by Healing Energy Daily for 2 weeks....

  For 2 weeks from the 8th of mars to 22. of mars I intend to first clear interested parties of all harmful strings, impurities in aura along with release of repressed stagnant energies.  

  The then Clear aura will then be energized with Lightarian reiki and Gold Reiki, to fill up any voids that may have formed by the removal. .

  Intention will be only for the highest good of the recipient, to soothe, relax, heal and re-energize.

  If there are any who would be interested please let me know, and feedback would be appreciated.

  Also if anybody has any "specific" requests, areas for healing or putting "other people" then yourselves (with their permission of course) please let me know that too.

Would be good if you gave me your name for my list.

  Thank you,  Blessings,


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Hi Pall (EgoLvx) greetings. Namastè
Im interested in the Energy Healing session please. Much obliged if i can be included. I ws refered to your good self by Prakash Vijayan. He has very high respect and regards for you.

Really indeed hopibg your kind self can help me. Needed it badly .. Thank you dear Pall.

Warm n kind regards - Raj. Malaysia

Hello Mr Raj.  I will add you to the healing list to begin with, glad that Prakash liked my work and speaks well of it :). 

   I will be doing first one later today :)


Could you please include me. is it to late to begin. is there any certain thing i will need to do to accept the gift. Just needing a good clearing i think i have attachments on a shoulder blade location and also a knee. thanks so much and blessings to you.

I have already done for today but I will be doing tomorrown I add you to the list.

Awesome gift of service to others! May you receive manifold blessings for this shining example of Metta Dhamma!

I do my best mr T J, one often forgets Metta, but it is good to have a practice such as this to remind oneself :)

Hi, please could you cleanse me & repair my Aura I have had several attached energies & is concentrated on my left ear, this has happened for over 2 yrs so it's really damaged my Aura! I have tried every symbol & meditation throughout these yrs and nothing has helped or stopped daily attachment - Thank you

Yes, I will do everything in my power to do so

i am interested if it's not too late.  i am exhausted and have joint pain.  thank you so much

Just few days left, but no not too late :)


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