Free Energy Clearing Followed by Healing Energy Daily for 2 weeks....

  For 2 weeks from the 8th of mars to 22. of mars I intend to first clear interested parties of all harmful strings, impurities in aura along with release of repressed stagnant energies.  

  The then Clear aura will then be energized with Lightarian reiki and Gold Reiki, to fill up any voids that may have formed by the removal. .

  Intention will be only for the highest good of the recipient, to soothe, relax, heal and re-energize.

  If there are any who would be interested please let me know, and feedback would be appreciated.

  Also if anybody has any "specific" requests, areas for healing or putting "other people" then yourselves (with their permission of course) please let me know that too.

Would be good if you gave me your name for my list.

  Thank you,  Blessings,


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Iam in interested if  it possible to focus on heart health in particular

thank you very much  for your kind

  Yes it would be possible, its an important place.  But just to clarify are you speaking physical illness or more subtle and energy wise, like heaviness in chest or blockage?

 yes physical illness i make Open heart surgery twice

hi last time it was good. i need more healing now  for health please include me

Hello prakash, Consider it done :).  Would you care to be more specific about what health problem is or just general?

Hi i am new to this...are you able to give me more info on what it would entail?

  Hello Sarah, I said in post I will clear unhealthy attachments to other people, such as people that dont mean well and those strings can cause various pains and discomforts around the energy centers and possibly loss of energy..  That would mean a more balance energy also and healthier situation for self healing.

  Clearing is removal of "dense" energy in aura, old stagnant, or possibly emotion (when someone raged at you or dumped all his negativity/sorrow on you).  To put it in few words, effect of other peoples emotions would be greatly reduced after treatment, and the removal of dense stuff means you are able to feel better and hold more light.  Think of it like clearing a dirty light bulb it shines much better when it is clean :)

  Last is re-energizing, golden reiki in particular tends to balance and heal emotional body, lightarian reiki is very high vibration which means you will fill the void left by clearing with those energies, which will then trickle down into the level you are ready for..  Light soothing and expansive is how they feel to me,  the golden one feels warm and loving.

  Does this answer your question Miss Sarah?



Hello Thank you for your generous offer.  I would be interested in your energy clearing offer and be happy to provide you with feedback.  I am often feeling stressed and that there is not enough time to do all the things I need to do, so reducing stress and peaceful sleep would be a blessing.   Thank you again for your generous offer, Jean . 

  Allright, I happily add you to the list, and thank you for the feedback offer will probably take care of many of the things you feel :) .

Please be so kind and include me.....for healing purposes,, thank you!!

  Yes will do ^_^

Hi! Thank you for this opportunity.I'll let my Higher Self decide what is best for me to heal/receive. Have a beautiful day!


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