There are many of you who may be under stress from many sources: financial, job, relationship, health issues, legal etc. etc. Know that you are not alone. Have faith in the Divine and all will be healed and you will be protected. The Divine is infinite and the Divine Love for you is infinite. Have faith. The Divine will walk you out of the darkness and into the Light. Love and Light to all of you. Namaste.

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Great to hearing from you again :)

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth.

In the name of the Most High God, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and all Souls who are 100% aligned with God’s unconditionally Loving Light, I hereby ask to be completely and permanently protected from anything and everything, that is not in alignment with my maximum Soul-Growth, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Perfect Health, Love, Compassion, Well-Being and Peace of Mind.

I ask that my Soul-lessons come to me gently, lovingly and with joy!

I Am willing to be humble and go within to the Source of my Being for Guidance,

I Am willing to see all challenges and difficulties in my life as gifts to help me grow and evolve.

I ask for complete and total understanding of what to do, how to think and feel, and how to act in all situations in my life.

I ask that I receive total understanding and wisdom, that are exactly appropriate to share with the people in my life.

I ask that I receive exactly what I need from My Godself, in order to assist me to be the most Loving and Compassionate Being I can be.

I know that the Love, Wisdom and Power of God comes thru me in all relationships.

I ask that all negative entities, manifestations of ego, fear, guilt, separation, judgement, and anything else, that is not in the best interest of me and those around me, be dispelled, released, integrated, and transcended at this time.

I ask that all parts of myself move into alignment with my God Presence.

And so be it. And so it is!

Beloved I Am

thank you for this reminder!  Namaste


Love and Light to all of you

I lived in a vicious cycle, both in my name, my date of birth and even my sign, refer to the Phoenix. The last time I fell, I decided to do different from other times, I decided to create a solid foundation through faith, she never missed me, even in the most difficult moments. Today I am being able to heal and heal other people, I finally found my purpose in life. Unfortunately, here in Brazil, religious prejudice is very great, but I have faith that soon will change !!

Thanks Chris ,



thank you master

Important to remember at this time

thank you Crish....Sincerely believe that it is true

Thank you master.yes I have faith

This is good who believe on Faith. Many people have issue and mean they are satisfy with Job, Love, Finance and Health. So They need healing and advice to over come from these issue.  


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