There are many of you who may be under stress from many sources: financial, job, relationship, health issues, legal etc. etc. Know that you are not alone. Have faith in the Divine and all will be healed and you will be protected. The Divine is infinite and the Divine Love for you is infinite. Have faith. The Divine will walk you out of the darkness and into the Light. Love and Light to all of you. Namaste.

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Thanks Crish, equally for you. Namaste

Namasté - Tashi Delek - Gasshò
We know this, difficult it is to tell it to the countless atheists/agnostics/... that are raging around in this period...
I pray the Divine to shield us from evil and to apocalypse everyone else into suddenly healing and knowing the Truth.
Be infinitely blessed!

Thank you! I needed to hear this this morning ❤️

I am aware that I have not been active on this group for some time. In March of 2018, after many years of very good health, I was suddenly rushed into hospital with hepatitis. The cause was found to be cancer of the bile duct. I now have a metal tube inside me and am going through chemotherapy. Officially, I am in the category of "terminally ill" and this has taken some time for me to process after so many years of robust good health. The cancer is beyond the stage of surgery. It puts many issues into context and proportion. Fortunately, I do have faith in the Divine. If I didn't, I don't know where I would be!


Hello friend, its good to hear you have a strong faith, anyway i am a healer , if you would like i can unconditionlly, do my best for you, healing is not my job, just use it to help people at no cost


I am very sorry to hear this! I wish the best for you ❤️

Sweet! Thank you, Chris!

Thank you so much for this much needed message. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LOL

Thank you Chris,  Faith is badly needed at this time in earth's and humanity's evolution.  Change is upon all of us, and most change is very stressful.  Everything is being questioned at this time.  Outmoded traditions and beliefs are being overturned.  May peace and serenity be our constant companions along this journey.  Namaste'

Im sure most of us had few or many experiences where patience,faith & prayers to Divine have saved us from small or big issues in our lives. Few months back Divine inspired me to do at least something spiritual/energetic help for people mainly like loved ones on a daily basis. I believe in Universal Law of Karma or Law of Reciprocity, what you sow comes back to you many fold. So i started to do that almost daily, whatever i may be going through my life for my loved ones & occasionally for others, i can see the results coming at regular intervals & few times when i badly needed. God Bless All

Today is my 10 year anniversary to being attuned to Reiki. Thank you, Universe for all your blessings! And, may love and light extend to all!

thanks you chris,merci ,

 avoir la foi c'est accepter tout, se laisser fondre dans le vouloir de la source, couler avec elle pour aller nourrir la terre, je le comprend maintenant, ... pour y arriver il est nécessaire de se libérer des entraves du passé et  il est juste d être patiente et persévèrent ....peu a peu on prend place...ce qui est doit être, un jour on choisit un chemin et peu à peu c'est le chemin qui nous choisit....j ai choisit d être vivante et de me nourrir à la source, j ai choisit de retrouver la joie en moi, reconnaitre mon amour et d offrir ce que je suis....peu à peu je prend place, je retrouve cet espace en moi qui a foi...


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