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The fast lane to Ascension Chapter five

Attunements and Initiations

Beloved brothers and sisters attunements and initiations are both can really set you on the fast lane. Both are energy transmissions and in case of initiations a step in consciousness (this is also true for most attunements).

Please note that there are many different traditions, kinds of Inititaions and Attunements.

So please treat attunements and initiations with respect. Many of them are powerful and will bring change to you're life. So it depends on you're capability but I would advice to do only one attunement a day (maybe two if you really speed it up) and if it is a greater attunement then please give your bodies the proper time to absorb and acclimate the change. So this is maybe a few days in some rare cases a week or tow. People who talk about month or years are not at the fast lane and maybe a little stuck in the speed such things have had in the past.

So most Founders of attunements are have written how to receive them, the duration of receiving it, maybe a position to take on while receiving and so on. Please stay close to this! If you not now for 100% certain that you should do it other ways please do it liked described and take the proper time to receive attunements and initiations.

You can receive all attunements you already have received again to increase there effectiveness by saying: I call forth Eternal Sacred Source and ask to be reattuned to attunement xy (say the name). Then sit or lay for a while maybe 5-10 Minutes (reatunnements are faster than the first one).

So which attunements and Initiations I can advise:

For sure at first all I have founded ;-). You find some of them here in the city of shamballa. To name a few the Way of Archangel Michael, Time Care, Ganesha Energy and the Law of Oneness and Oneness and the Divine Healing Initiation….

All Initiations founded by Sukhendu Mandal (Set you on the Fast Lane!) here on the City of Shamballa.

All Attunements in the Book Attune to Divinity by Mariah Windsong (126 Energysystems) You can choose the one you like or just take this book and do all.

Attunements of Hari Winsaro (there are very powerful among them)

The 303 Conciousness Initations by Dr. Stone you find them in the Mahatma Ascension Reiki Manual here in the City of shamballa.

The attunemnts founded by Luuk von Deursen (Godess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher nad Divine Mother, Osiris, Isis, Tooth and Veyga)

The attunements in the twelve planetary Rays and eight cosmic rays. (Chris Comish Books)

The Lightarian Rays Attuments.

There are mayne more and I will add more later. I invite any one to add favorite attunements in the comments!

After every Attunement you can say: I call in the Mini Tornados. They will help you to write the changes permanantly into evry layer of youre being.

Best wishes, Meshwa

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