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    Hello everybody i like to share 3 main attunements that gave me very good results in my ascension journey in around 1 year time.


    In beginning of 2017 Sukhendu started to share his ascension codes on our cityofshamballa & i took each one of them within few days as he posted. This process continued, as with any ascension journey clearing process started with high intensity & felt my emotions almost out of control. It was then i found Kundalini Reiki from Chrish Comish in mid 2017 & i took it within 2 weeks. 1st level is just basic setup so hardly felt anything, 2nd level got me some relief & 3rd level almost got my control back. Recently my friend also our community member, she was also experiencing lot of clearing, took this & felt a lot better.

   Kundalini Reiki could really help those in any kind of spiritual ascension or energy work. So im just posting the free attunement posted by Tanju Günay Mohammed Tunalı & full manual


After this taking Prana attunement will also be beneficial


   I was going on taking all of Sukhendus codes at earliest posted & by starting of 2018 i  felt lot of energy coming & probably not able to handle them, at one point even thought of stopping/deactivating codes. It was then on april Bernd shared this  & requested attunement. Next day on wards i felt more stable & calm, Bernd also shared same thing. Taking this is kind of one time set & forget ascension activation, where best suited ascension processes for each person are done for each moment finely regulated in Ultimate Ascension seat. If a person wants to still increase the pace ,he can do any ascension process like by Dr Stones, Sukhendus or any other which they know.


       Healing Ancestral karma is also major part in ascension journey. In past Sukhendu shared 

ANCESTRAL AXIATONAL RECONNECTION but he told it didnt help them much. Then new code ANCESTRAL HEALING came . I took the code & felt energy. Then later i thought this might be for ancestors of this lifetime & so in meditation i requested masters to activate ancestral healing for all of past lives & i felt more energy coming at that time. For around next 10 days i felt lot of healing & energy coming. Probably after that i felt lot more support in ascension. Another way to clear lot more of ancestral karma is doing this may repeat them when u feel like, eg: once in one/few months.

      Also daily in meditation requesting healing team or divine beings to offer healing for highest good for all of your ancestors, your 144 soul extensions & other half is going to be beneficial

love & light 

Thank you

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  • Hey,

    I request you to post that great feedback on youtube ancestral session.

    it will help everyone visiting my page.

    I am receiving a lot feedback that, no one understood.

    How come such simple session work.

    So please do a favour.

    • Of course and happy to do that

  • Hi vishnu, I just read your post and I would like to ask you where I can find those ascension codes that it seems you took from Sukhendu. Would you be so happy to give me the links to those codes? My apologies but I am Spanish and I do not speak English and the translator does not translate properly ... I would like to try them. Thanks in advance

    • Hi as i shared i highly recommend you take Kundaini Reiki & Light Treasure activation from the links posted above before taking Sukhendus or even any ascension/spiritual work. You have already viewed it in above post link . The codes as u can see starts from number 1 2 3 etc which is 1: AXIATONAL RECONNECTION. 2: ANCESTRAL HEALING 

      3: EMOTION REIMPRINT  so on & u need to to take them in given order, 1 code each day. To activate the code, lie down, close eyes and say the code in the following sequence 

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