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General Spirituality (3070)

Christine Day's Pleiadian Message For December 2022 ... And ... Light Body Initiations By Natalie Glasson ... And ... The Pineal Transmission: Your Holy Seat Of Consciousness By Steve Nobel





Christine Day's Pleiadian Message For December 2022




I know that the energies are building as we enter the last month of 2022! There is a strong call going out from the Pleiadians for us to individually continue to build a deepening conn

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Steve Nobel's: "Activating Your Crystalline Core" ... And ... "Cellular Regeneration - The Light Of Immortality" ... And ... Assimilating The Activities Of Light: Parts 1 & 2 By Patricia Cota-Robles





Activating Your Crystalline Core By Steve Nobel


An often-overlooked factor in healing is work with the body elemental. The body elemental is in charge of manifesting the divine blueprint for your body.


Innocent and childlike, masterful and intelli

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The Aquarian Christ Transmission: By Steve Nobel ... And ... Our Christed Light & The Codes Of Divinity By Anrita Melchized And ... New Moon Heart Chakra Meditation For Awakening By Melanie Beckler


The Aquarian Christ Transmission: Clear Old Programming & Receive New Blessings of Light By Steve Nobel

Steve Nobel:
Two thousand years ago the Piscean Christ-Avatar planting a seed of light deep within the density of the 3D Matrix. This created

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