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Beloved brothers and sisters

I was guided to day to share one of my attunements with you.

The Flame of Truth combines the powers and energies of Archangel Michael, Lord Shiva and Saint Germain.

It is an Energy of the divine masculin.

From the Manual:

Flame of truth is a glistening violet-blue-white flame which burns falsehood, lies, misinformation, propaganda, manipulation and untruth and transforms them into truth. In the process, lower vibrating forms of untruth are transformed and thus become higher vibrating truth. This transformation, this flame of truth seizes your whole being, all parts of your being, everything you are and burns and transforms the untruth in you. Truth is much more than the correctness of an opinion, a worldview, a belief, it is an immanent state of all creation that can be recognized. It is also the clarity of knowledge, seeing what is truthful, awareness and knowing the world, of being.

The flame of truth burns and transforms the ego, fear, anger, hatred, envy, greed, guilt, shame, grief, lack, smallness, repression, illusion and attachments to the earth etc ... negative beliefs, negative contracts, restrictions, negative emotions and much more and empowers you to recognize the truth...


The Flame of Truth attunements and initiations are prepared for all. Share it as you like so it can reache as much as possible people. Flame of truth can be a sharp sword of the ascension warrior and lightworkers.

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