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5 Divine Truths from Aaron Abke

5D Consciousness. 5 Divine Laws Screenshot from his video at
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  • Ok thank you ,will try my best

  • @Navi Mindfulness helps. Slow down to the present moment. Face the anger within, note the reaction as it rises, dig deep within the root of the anger, accept the anger for its lesson to undercover any subconscious fear, release the anger/fear. If anger is brewing and you cannot slow down in the moment try to take a walk and do this process while you walk. The goal is to heal the subconscious so that you do not project the anger either on another (aggression) or within (repression). 

  • I tried ,but most of the time I felt anger ,give reaction of another's  anger or blame put on me ..

  • Non-resistance- Go with the flow of life. Face all challenges with full responsibility. Know that your life is recorded in the akashic records so do your best to be love. Mindfulness- Stay in the present moment. The present moment is the only moment you can take action in. Timelessness- You are a Divine being having a human experience. Oneness- All are equal Divine sparks of God. As you serve another, you serve yourself. Desirelessness- Have no desire except that of God. Align your actions to be of service to God. 

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