sidoarjo, east java


June 25

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i am just ordinary person who looking for ascension ,

What brought you here?

universal energy system, seeking ascension

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love and light

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yes i agree with it

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  • Hi I like your page. I was wondering if you would like to check out a site I created to help unite us together. You are welcome to be my friend here, much love elshara Silverheart.
  • Happy Birthday Suparto!
  • Happy Birthday! May abundant blessings flow your way.
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  • birthday_candles.gif Happy Birthday (multi-language) Chipmunks - Happy Birthday to You!!! Native American Flute - Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday! May abundant love and many blessings flow your way.
  • Now, raise your consciousness up through the central column of energy in your spine, through your crown chakra, moving up through the portal at the top of your aura and into the centre of our galaxy – into the 9th dimension.

    Feel yourself vertically aligned now, locked into the first dimension in the heart of Gaia – and locked into the 9th dimension in the heart of our galaxy. In this totally connected, high vibrational state, invite your Higher Self to show him or herself to you now. See your Higher Self as a being of White Light – a mirror image of yourself in a body of Light, moving towards you now from a distance and coming to sit directly in front of you.

    Your Higher Self is sometimes called your ‘Golden Angel Presence’ – which is also your Guardian Angel. However you see your Higher Self, feel the unconditional love of this beautiful being radiating towards you now. Ask your Higher Self if he or she has a name, understanding that this is a spiritual name that you may use for yourself.

    Ask for permission to merge with this highest aspect of yourself now. See and feel this Light being downloaded into the biology of your cells.  Every cell in your body is infused with a higher vibration so that you experience your physical body raising in its vibration and your aura expanding. Allow your body to move if it wishes, or to be realigned in the flow.

    Ask your Higher Self if there is a message for you now, which may be in words, pictures or feelings. Feel the peace which is yours now. Feel how your physical body is resonating at a higher vibration. Feel the wings which are yours now. And simply breathe – acutely aware of the energy in your in and out-breath.

    Place your hands in the prayer position now, your thumbs stimulating your heart centre in your chest, and greet your Higher Self with a Namaste, communicating your love and thanks to your spirit self for this experience. Know that you can merge with your Higher Self at any time.

    You may choose now to say farewell to this aspect of yourself, or simply to stay merged as you continue with your day. Smile inwardly, sending unconditional love to all aspects of yourself, including your personality self, which expresses itself in the 3rd dimension. Understand that your personality self, when infused with the energy of the Higher Self, is wiser, is grander, and has a better perspective of the BIGGER PICTURE and your life purpose.

    It is your choice to bring this energy into your physical body and to hold the intention to operate from this perspective in every moment of every day. Namaste.
  • First you need to conect with your Higher Self. So  please see this meditatinom

    Connecting With Your Higher Self

    From CD 'Ascension - The Time is Now'

    (10 mins) Click here for download

    In order to connect fully with your Higher Self, make the place in which you sit sacred. Smudge the area and your body and aura with sacred sage, or use an essence or incense of your choice. Bathe and dress yourself so that you feel beautiful and prepared for this sacred moment of connection with your Higher self - the highest aspect of your soul-self in this incarnation.

    To make this even more powerful you may place crystals or sacred objects around yourself in the 4 directions – north, east, south and west – inviting the spirits of the 4 directions and the elements of air, fire, water and earth into your sacred circle. You will then be sitting in a sacred altar, so that your energy is as clear and high as possible.

    Within your sacred altar, sit with your spine as straight as possible, and close your eyes. Tune into your breathing, bringing your in-breath right down into your belly. Call light to yourself now, flooding your body, your aura and your sacred altar in a column of brilliant white light which aligns you with all that is above and all that is below.

    Feel your first or second chakra now – feel that chakra alive and glowing in your body, and send a grounding cord made of light into the heart of Gaia, attaching to the iron core crystal at her centre. Feel yourself fully grounded into the first dimension now. Feel every cell and particle in your body resonating with the deep, powerful energy at the heart of Gaia. At the same time, feel yourself attuned to the 4 directions of our sacred planet.


  • Blessings and  Love !

    Try this meditation


  • Salam kenal mas Suparto :-)

    Dari sidoarjo ya mas. saya dari jakarta mas :D  Seingat saya ada satu lagi seorang perempuan dari jakarta yang bergabung juga disini, tapi saya lupa siapa namanya.

    Namaste.... Blessings, love & light _/\_

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